My Encouraging Success Story to Make You Think About Blogging

Blogging is gaining popularity in the current technology world. It is an excellent opportunity for people with different talents, as I will explain in this story. I started blogging a few years ago without any encouragement from other bloggers or directions on what I should do. It, therefore, meant that I had to go through struggles in efforts to find my way towards success in my blogs.

Today, I earn $2500 a month, and that is the least amount of money I earn left out of putting in any effort. You are lucky that you got me to guide you towards your process. As long as you go through this process in the steps that I provide, you can be sure that you will enjoy some serious benefits from a single blog.

Starting a Blog

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I realized that blogging is hard if you have no idea what to do or where to start. In fact, my story about blogging started in that same direction. I had no idea what to do. In fact, the process of starting my blog was complicated, and I only dealt with trial and error. Blogging was pretty confusing for me. My blog gets more than 400,000 visitors in a single month, and I make a ton of money from it. This profit is because I finally understood the entire process and I believe that you should have the same chance to get the same amount of money.

Below are the 5 important elements you need to start blogging:-

  1. A blogging platform (WordPress is recommended for beginners)
  2. A domain name (You will get it for FREE by using the link given below)
  3. A hosting server which will store your WordPress files like content, blog theme and images
  4. A template or your blog design. Remember, you dont have to design your own template/blog layout, you can choose from thousands of FREE template in WordPress. Blog template installation is one click process and will take only 1 minute.
  5. Content for your website. If you love writing then select a genre/niche and start writing on regular basis. You can also hire writers for your blog.

First, all you need to know is that blogging is easy if you know what to do. You do not need any unique skills or knowledge to start a blog. If you follow my steps keenly, you will be glad to start a blog without any technical knowledge. Many online sources will give you some complicated advice on steps to follow. To be honest, if you develop any information, you going to suffer. Try these straightforward steps instead.

Steps involved in starting a blog without technical knowledge:-

  1. Goto this Bluehost link and click on Get Started Now
  2. Select basic package
  3. Get your free domain name. Enter your new domain name like (Its FREE) and click on NEXT
  4. Create your account by giving account information
  5. Choose hosting package information (Start with 12months plan)
  6. Untick all options in PACKAGE EXTRA
  7. Enter Payment information, accept TOS and click on SUBMIT
  8. You will receive an email about your new Bluehost account information (Control Panel)
  9. At this point, you domain name and hosting setup is completed
  10. Next task is to install WordPress on your hosting. Installation of wordpress is very easy and will take only 1 min using your control panel.
  11. Login to your bluehost control panel and click on software install/one click install then select WORDPRESS. Enter your desired user id and password and complete installation.
  12. Your blog is now ready. Now you have to publish informative content on regular basis.
  13. Your new blog will be visible on Google search after few days
  14. You can contact me here at for any questions/queries in setting up of your blog.

1.     A Blogging Platform

This step is the first that I took towards a successful blog. A blogging platform will help you manage your blog. It helps you set up the general functionality of your theme, your blog’s appearance, as well as a ton of functions that you can be sure to enjoy as you create your blog. In the blogging platform, you will get additional support that includes other bloggers from whom you can request advice and instructions.

Many platforms will guide you through blogging and support your blog in the process. However, I think that WordPress is the best blogging platform that I tried. This realization is after several trials of other platforms that either limited my functions or failed terribly. Since I discovered WordPress, I never faced any problems with my blog. It is therefore essential that you try this blog. One of the advantages of using WordPress is that you get millions of themes that will help you create a unique look for your blog. Secondly, this blogging platform is straightforward to use for beginners. Every function is straightforward. In fact, this second advantage was the first thing I loved about the platform.

WordPress will help in increasing the general speed of your blog. All functions of your platform will be fast, and you can be sure that you will not lose business because of troubles brought about by speed. Your blog will present a great experience on your blog. The blog will experience great response from all visitors, old and new.

WordPress will help you include sharing and commenting features on your blog. Your visitors can, therefore, leave comments on your blog and share the same with others.

2.     Hosting

You have two choices in this step. It will determine your interaction with your blog and any other ownership issues. You can either choose free hosting on other platforms such as Tumblr or prefer to pay for your blog. There are downsides to free hosting. Free hosting is the first thing I decided to do. With free hosting, however, you face difficulties that include the ownership. With free hosting, the blog does not belong to you.

Free hosting will present some challenges such as the inability to name your domain in your preferred manner. You have to use the host’s address in the middle of the web address. When I used the free hosting option, I could not fully monetize my blog. I faced challenges uploading any media I wanted, including video and photo media. That is why I choose to recommend the second option to you.

When you pay for your blog, however, you can be sure that you will own the blog in every aspect. You can monetize the blog whenever you can. You can also use any domain name you prefer. The money you pay for your blog will give you extreme advantages, and you can be sure that you will enjoy every aspect of the blog. You can face different payment rates depending on your host. Stay away from free hosting!

Choosing my hosting company was a headache. However, I finally got the best one, BlueHost. Hosting with this company is the best decision I made for my blog. BlueHost has very affordable rates with some great features that will help you manage your blog. BlueHost will help you in a set up of WordPress. You can be sure that you will enjoy the business with this company.

3.     Domain

Select your domain name that is related to genre of your blog. Domain name of this blog is and in this blog I write about various business opportunities around the globe. You will get FREE domain name when you signup for hosting account from

4.     The Design

Designing a blog is easy and fun. With a great design, you will be able to engage visitors and maintain them, making them regular visitors. You should also ensure that you get time to check the various varieties of them you can use on WordPress. You should either pick from a range of free WordPress Themes or wish to purchase an awesome theme from the list of Premium Themes. It is important to remember that you chosen them will determine how your visitors view your blog. It should also reflect your blog’s main idea and content. A professional theme is highly preferred. I would recommend you to purchase a Premium Theme that you can appreciate.

Increasing your Blog’s Income

A blog’s principal purpose should be to make you a good income. With income, you can be sure that you will find more to push your blog forward. There are various ways that you can increase your blog’s earnings, one of which is increasing the traffic of your blog. Your blog will always make you money even if you do not make any content updates. However, when you make the point to pursue increase income, you have to make a great sacrifice regarding funds and time. Here is a list of processes and steps that I would personally recommend to increase your general traffic, and in turn increase your blog’s income.

  • Publish great content on regular basis
  • Learn about SEO and link building
  • Promote your blog on social media platforms
  • Guest blogging

Great & Professional Content

Content is the most significant aspect of a blog. New bloggers get confusing insight that you should focus on selling your blog by tailoring your content to match the SEO optimization. It is true that you will considerably benefit from SEO practices, but you should also ensure that your content does not lose meaning, which will result in lower and fewer visitors.

Ensure that you stick to a niche that internet users will approve as useful. Useful content will be helpful for your blog. However, you should not stop there. You should ensure that you make constant updates to your blog and that you use content that will make your blog unique regarding the ability to provide the visitors with a solution to their problems.

Google Adsense

Google provides you with a chance to make more with your blog, thanks to their Adsense platform. You can make a ton of money from the ads provided by Google. Once you integrate Adsense in your blog, you get a chance to earn from each click on an ad. Google provides you with a chance to make good money from their paid ads. Once I made significant advances in my blog, I had a ton of visitors, increasing daily. After each increase, I realized that I would make more money if each of these visitors clicked on an ad provided by Adsense. The ads are tailored to match your content. It, therefore, means that these ads will match all your visitors’ solutions.

I have a great interest in making money through blogging. Each blog I create helps me create another one. In fact, each blog encourages me to open another. Anyone who has a genuine interest in blogging can earn more than $2000 in a month. You, however, have to ensure that you have a blog that attracts most people and provides a solution for most online users. You have to maintain uniqueness in your blog. The story above is a simple combination of steps that I approve as the best steps to get your earnings within a short period. My experience in blogging should encourage you to get to it today. You do not have to wait. Start today and reap your fruits within no time.