Embedded (often called firmware) resides on dedicated hardware to form a single embedded system. Whether at work or home, our daily environment is full of complex solutions. Due to its integrated software, every electronic device can only perform “smart” functions.

The entire computer peripherals such as monitors, printers, routers, digital cameras, earphones, etc., and household appliances such as washing machines, microwave ovens, digital TVs, camcorders, and mobile phones, are inherently built on embedded systems.

Why are embedded systems so widely used?

Embedded software programming around us contains built-in software elements, not to mention applications that are critical to business, such as various industrial automation controls equipment, electronic control units, and defenses in automotive or missile guidance systems.

Distributed systems can be found in almost every industry, to name a few: automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, consumer electronics, office, and household appliances, security, etc. What makes embedded software so special compared to traditional application software?

The most important function of embedded systems is that they improve accuracy, reliability, and speed to perform real-time calculations. Open a wider range of applications for you. Any device that has an embedded digital interface and needs to perform calculations is an embedded system. 

What is embedded software?

First, we define an intuitive integrated system. Embedded is a system built into all devices except traditional computers. It is the brain of a specific device. Without it, it is a useless device.

Embedded example

The simplest embedded software programming example is a traditional calculator used before this function was built on a smartphone. Another example is a digital camera or Television remote control. You may ask: “Is embedded systems related to software development?” The answer is not always the case. Sometimes the term “Embedded” is also used to refer to simpler devices, such as those listed above. 

Connected car software:

Connected cars are new technologies that require certain quality and safety standards. Thousands of lines of code have been written for these cars.

The internal system of a smart digital camera:

Due to the embedded software programming, cameras with sensor performance and recognition functions, and facial recognition can also work. In the camera, the system is integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Types of embedded software development tools

Embedded development is not easy. Therefore, embedded software programming and engineers use various tools to program and develop these solutions. Here is the most important:

  • An editor is used to create C or C++ code.
  • A compiler is a tool used to convert high-level programming language code into low-level machine code.
  • If the program code is written in assembly language, an assembler is required. It performs the same work as the compiler.

Embedded Software Development Challenge

Embedded software is the core of the popular and rapidly evolving IoT devices. However, embedded software development and the Internet of Things have some specific problems.


When it comes to equipment that may endanger the lives of users and others, unforeseen behavior is unacceptable. For this reason, a standardized method is needed when constructing such a system.


Devices with embedded systems must be safe, and the design of the system must avoid problems with critical functions in critical environments.


Embedded software programming is an approach that manufacturers have not yet adopted. Because of the above challenges, you may need a trusted development partner to help you. Archer Software’s technical team knows how to create world-class solutions for automotive, healthcare, and other industries. A niche market where embedded software is widely used.


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