New study shows that you can increase productivity with the help of water

Everyone knows that water is good for you, although many people aren’t really sure why. Not drinking enough water leads to dehydration, which causes numerous issues physically and emotionally. On the other hand, ensuring that you are well hydrated will ensure that you are on top of your game at all times and always at your most productive.

Why Water Matters

If we don’t take in enough water then, ultimately, our bodies cannot function and will die. Now, not drinking enough water during the day isn’t going to be fatal, but it can slow you down considerably. Consider that 60% of your body is made from water and you get a sense of how important it is for our healthy functioning.

Water is involved in all sort of processes within our bodies; your blood needs water to carry oxygen to cells throughout the body, for example. Here are some of the other ways that water can help you to maintain high productivity.

Physical Performance

Any experienced athlete will be able to tell you that being dehydrated seriously affects physical performance. Dehydration affects the way that our body functions on a number of different levels. If you lose as little as 2% of your body’s total water content, you will find that you need to exert yourself more physically to achieve the same level as you would normally.

Being weaker physically makes it more difficult to be productive in most types of job. Even if your work isn’t physically demanding, you will still experience fatigue much quicker even if you’re just standing around or sitting at your desk in an office.

Cognitive Functions

When you are dehydrated, your cognitive functioning is inhibited. Hydration affects the capacity our brains have for taking in and retaining new information. Dehydration also leads to headaches, which make it even harder to think and complete complex tasks.

Another common symptom of serious dehydration is increased anxiety. This anxiety compounds the other effects of dehydration to further reduce your cognitive functioning. It is always a good idea to have a glass of water before you sit down to complete any important office tasks.

If you want to ensure that your workers are as happy and productive as possible, adding a water cooler to the workplace is a simple way of achieving this. An office sparkling water machine or flavored water dispenser from Bevi is a great way of encouraging your employees to drink more water. If you’re considering adding any type of commercial water cooler to your office, Bevi has an excellent selection to choose from.


We mentioned above that dehydration can lead to headaches. If you are a sufferer of frequent headaches, dehydration is a common culprit. Many people don’t give a second thought to their fluid intake, and relatively minor dehydration can go largely unnoticed.

Ensuring that you drink enough water is an important aspect of ensuring your good overall health. Water is an essential part of our diet and one that has a completely unique relationship with our bodies. There is no other nutrient we take in that is quite as important as water. Whether you are noticing any effects or not, you should try drinking a bit more water during your day and see if it improves your overall health.


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