CNC machining makes intricate parts for various industries. For many industries, custom parts work better than mass production. CNC machining is often used to make precise pieces with computer software and follow through on accurate designs. Machined parts are used in many industries, from medicine to transportation. It is possible to achieve more intricate customized designs with CNC machines today, thanks to the advancement of computers. You can find out used CNC machines for sale online and get benefits.

1. Medical Industry

Medical products must be customized and of high quality to meet the diverse needs of patients. This industry also uses disposable devices to prevent patients from catching infections or diseases. Medical businesses need high volumes of precision parts to meet the needs of their patients and keep their facilities stocked. Companies sometimes request prototypes before beginning full production. Using prototypes before using products with patients is critical in the medical field.

Medical CNC machines are well suited to medical needs. A wide range of parts can be created through CNC machining due to the variety of materials and devices available:


Orthotic devices

MRI machines

Electrical parts

Research equipment

Electronic enclosures for monitoring devices

Shielded enclosures

Pieces made from high-temperature plastics 

Customized sterile packaging

FDA-approved products

Medical instruments

2. Oil and Gas Industry

Petroleum refineries and drilling rigs use large machines. Precision-fitted parts are essential in this line of work. Issues like valve leaks, piston failures, and cylinder malfunctions can occur without a perfect fit. For efficient facilities, petrochemical companies need components made from CNC machines.

High tolerances are also required for drilling rigs. A drilling rig operates in an isolated area. Getting a replacement or repair for a CNC component could take days away from production. For rigs, parts must work well the first time and continue to operate well into the future, regardless of salt spray, dust, or snow.

CNC machining can produce parts for pipelines, refineries, and drilling rigs, including:





Drill bits


3. Electronics Industry

The electronics industry uses machining for small components, such as those used in large parts. CNC machining delivers small, lightweight parts under 10 micrometers that are laser-precise.

Components for communications devices are also needed in the electronics industry. Other electronics can interfere with communication devices. They also connect parts electrically, including:

Radiofrequency interference shielding

Electrical insulation

Heat sinks

Amplifier housings

4. Aerospace Industry

Aircraft devices face various conditions, including high speeds, fast air currents, and extreme pressure. Each component must be constructed with precision tools and parts. 

Air currents can drag or increase wear on parts even with a small error. Aerospace CNC machining must meet extreme precision requirements, such as 0.00004-inch tolerances. Especially with extra-durable materials like titanium, aluminum, nickel, and some plastics, machinists must adhere to such tolerances. Parts created and the CNC component’s requirements determine the exact material. Aerospace and aviation industries use a variety of components for aircraft:



Radiofrequency suppression materials 


Landing gear parts

Electrical connectors


5. Transportation Industry

Many aviation components are also used in transportation. The transportation industry is just as important as the air and space industry for safety and travel. Vehicle designers must test physical prototypes to improve their original designs and models. Through CNC machining, engineers can make prototypes, test their practicality, and create designs that meet their exact specifications.

Transportation sector crafts must be built for longevity, not speed. A robust vehicle can haul heavy cargo far. Manufacturing parts for various vehicles may require CNC machines, including:

Freight trains

Shipping vessels

Passenger rail

Passenger vehicles

18-wheel transport trucks

Due to the high speed of high-speed trains, the vehicles are put under extra strain, requiring even more precision in fitting parts.


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