Many platforms now have blocks in place for a variety of reasons; we’re here to help you understand how using a VPN can hide you from these blocks.

In this day and age we all want the best internet security possible. With most of us living our lives online, we want to know that our information is safe and can’t be taken without our consent, the use of VPN’s is widely considered as the way to keep your information and data safe, but did you know about the other ways VPNS can help when managing your social media accounts?

What Are Blocked Actions

Instagram it seems has some of the most stringent terms and conditions when you sign up and these are always changing and evolving to match user trends they don’t agree with. There are now many actions that will get you blocked from your accounts and one of the main ones is managing more than three accounts. If you are social media account manager by trade, you want to ensure that you can keep managing your clients’ accounts without fear of being blocked or suspended.

You also don’t want to have to keep signing in and out of accounts, which can be tedious and lead to mistakes. Other actions that will also flag Instagram’s algorithms include following more than 300 accounts daily, liking a high number of posts and unfollowing a number of accounts on a daily basis.

How Can A VPN Help Social Media Managers

VPN’s act as the middle man or intermediary between the website you are visiting and the device you are using. When you use your computer from home or work, it has its own IP address, this address is then logged by Instagram or twitter and any actions that happen under this IP address are recorded.

So, if you are managing multiple accounts, it will all be under that one IP address. This is where using a VPN can help, as the VPN acts as an intermediary, you can set it to bounce off the server wherever you like, thus hiding where you are logging into the accounts you are managing from. Not only will this help with time efficiency, it will also help you keep your accounts secure, as you will be able to switch between them rather than log in and out.

What About VPN’s and Automation

If you have any type of automation attached to your account, a VPN and/or the use of a proxy should be a top priority and necessity. Instagram does not take kindly to any kind of automation on their accounts and it will very quickly block and deactivate you. A VPN will keep the automation away from their flags by hiding both your VPN and the VPN of the data centre that is attached to your account.

What VPN Is Right For You

When it comes to VPNs, most offer the same level of service but under different names, but there are a few things that you need to look out for before you make the purchase. There are a variety of different VPN’s in the market, one that is widely offered to consumers are group privacy networks.

This is where you can purchase a server with a group of other people that will mask your IP address and hide your actions. Whilst this may seem like a good alterative that is cheaper than your own private VPN, it really doesn’t offer the same level of security as your own product. If you are looking to purchase your own product, make sure that it will work with Instagram and twitter, you can make sure of this by reading reviews and even starting with a free trial, if you don’t like it, you can simply select another.

Final Considerations

In this day and age internet security should be one of our main concerns, we all live our lives online and we should all want to protect our data. VPN’s will not only protect your data; they can help you expand your reach and visibility on social media and help you keep up with automation and continue your expansion.

Don’t get greedy though! The agreed limit (though this has never been totally verified) is following 350 to 400 Instagram accounts on a daily basis, a VPN will allow you to automate this action and still remain under Instagram’s radar and keep your feed operating.

If you are a social media manager, you shouldn’t be operating without as VPN, not only will it keep your client’s data safe, it will also save you time and effort. You will no longer have to log in and then log out of accounts, you can simply switch between all of them to make management more seamless. A VPN is a tool that is absolutely worth having at your disposal, now all you need to do is decide which one you want!


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