Insurance Brokerages

There are few who confuse the figure of insurance brokerages with that of the mere insurance agent, or even with banking operators. Insurance is important today, but you have to know the difference and importance of each and every person who handles it.

If you want to know what an insurance broker is and why it is better to turn to them than to contract directly with an insurer, check out our following article. Hopefully, we’ll be able to present to you the important matters.

A Brokerage Is A Guarantee of Independence

Something that must be very clear from the outset is that the Insurance Brokers are neither an insurer nor a commercial insurance agent. The figure of the broker is completely independent of the companies in every way.

Your relationship with a company is none other than what a pharmacist would have with a painkiller manufacturer. There are many and different, but you will always look for the most suitable for the medical condition of the client who goes to your pharmacy.

A brokerage operates with a multitude of insurance companies, intermediating to find their clients the best policy in each case. The broker neither depends on the insurers nor works for them.

In fact the broker will be the one who will mediate in favor of the interests of the insured in the event that there is a disagreement with the company or problems when charging for an accident.

Law and Legal Right

In an insurance brokerage, you will have personalized advice on the conditions and coverage of each policy. That is precisely the added value. It is not a commercial agent of the companies that want to sell you the most expensive policy (even if you do not need or will use most of the coverage of that policy), nor is it a banking operator that wants to “strain” the hiring of insurance that you do not need with the hiring of another financial product to meet your objectives.

The insurance broker is required by law to give truthful advice and information about the conditions of each policy that a client can hire. And that, when we talk about insurance, is a lot to say.

The broker earns his salary, among other things, doing a good advisory job. And within this advice is the fact of telling you which is the policy that best suits your needs in each case, and which is the company that will give you the best price for such insurance.

The Broker Is A Certified Insurance Professional

It is increasingly common to find that we have no one to turn to when we have a problem with a contracted service. It happens to us with the internet and telephony provider, with the light provider … and yes, it also happens with insurance.

Have you not suffered one of those telemarketers who have no idea how to solve the problem or who simply apologize that they are not responsible? And sometimes it is difficult to understand them. Well, when it comes to insurance, stick with this phrase: it doesn’t have to.

It is easy that if you have an accident, they will drive you crazy to find someone in the insurance company who knows how to help you and expedite the collection of the same. Or to advise you properly on all the compensation you can claim thanks to your insurance policy. Instead, that is precisely the job of an insurance brokerage like Petra Insurance.

If you have contracted your insurance through a broker, he will tell you everything you can claim from your company, what they should pay you. And not only that, it will be he himself who is responsible for managing the claims to ensure that the company complies with you in a timely manner. Streamlining the procedures and the collection of compensation.

Also keep in mind that when you talk with a brokerage by telephone, you will not be assisted by a commercial telemarketer who only knows how to manage insurance sales or that diverts you from department to department if you do not know how to solve your problem.

In a brokerage, you will have professional advisors and lawyers from the insurance sector. Anyone cannot be a runner but must be trained. And that is another of the added values ​​offered by brokerages: professionalism.

Why Brokers?

It is cheaper. And not only is it cheaper because since brokers are professionals, they can obtain better prices and exclusive offers, but they also have the ability to advise the clients in a more personalized way.

After a thorough analysis of the real needs of the people they work with, insurance brokers offer insurance tailored to each client.

In this way, they can guarantee that the client pays for what he really needs. Isn’t it sometimes all we need?


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