transportation and logistics opportunity in 2020

Transport is vital for commerce, communication, transit and almost everything under the sun. It is a core component of infrastructure and runs across boundaries forming the veins of the world.

Transport as a business dates way back and with time its efficacy, importance and necessity have not only increased but also doubled. It can never go out of vogue because of the intrinsic desire for men,material and machine movement.

Transport and logistics has grown beyond leaps and bounds worldwide after the world turning into a global village. It has also promoted sister industries like technology and overall economic growth.

Also since transportation and its wings are major employers across the world, there is no dearth of business ideas one could come up with.

In this article, we present some of the profitable transportation business ideas that you can start today in 2020.

Here is a list of profitable transportation business ideas

transportation business ideas and opportunities

#1. Road Transport Services

Most connecting routes and major routes are through land. This makes road transport the one with maximum business opportunities. One could buy a truck, minivan, small bus or a feeder bus. One can start with one, join an established company or go on to own a fleet.

#2. Taxi/Cab Services

This always in demand due to distances, not owning a vehicle and multiple reasons. The success story of few cab companies has already raised the stakes in this sector.

#3. Car Rentals

Renting out for self driving or taking a driver along across domains. This could specifically be profitable in large cities where youth look for getaways and long drives. Cost effective advertising using rebates for group bookings, tapping the target sector and effective pricing is the key here.

#4. CityBike Schemes

This idea transcends age and location.With environmental consciousness on the rise, bicycles provide an option to not burn a whole in one’s pocket and still earn a lot. This saves on fuel costs, parking space cost and helps one even stay healthy.

Promoting it on health and using social media to capture the imagination of youth to use your cycles for distances that are too long to walk and too less to use a car.

#5. Courier Service

Courier service is another profitable venture where the stakes are high due to existing companies. However it is another lucrative option for a business- either by starting your own, becoming an affiliate, owning a franchise or through contract basis.

A few regulatory bottlenecks once cleared, one is set to fly. The most important component is effective pricing and advertising which can make or break your brand. Also covering locations hitherto uncovered earns brownie points.

#6. Logistic Company

This is one transportation business idea where the operability is large and requires decent amounts of money as investment. It creates a nexus of various stakeholders and companies to transport quantities at prementioned dates and time. It involves having a record of invoices, zero factual errors, valuation of good and limited registration formalities.

#7. Livestock Transportation

This is one field where hardly any specific licenses are required. Certain health checkups, knowledge of the animals, food they eat etc are sufficient. Also one needs to know the rules of the state whether they are permissible or not. Thus, this is an affordable option with minimum investments.

#8. Allied Air Services

Air transport is a huge deal for a start up business idea but allied and associated services make for affordable options as an idea. Cargo and maintenance are some of these activities. Cargo and shipment is a very good opportunity. One can enter haulage and uploading activities as an idea.

#9. Driving Services

This is an umbrella service where one can start a driving school, driving service for kids and seniors. Being an encompassing venture, it requires the same skills to be put to use for different activities.

#10. Medical Transportation Business

In medical transportation, both emergency and non-emergency services are literally growing day by day. It is a rewarding business opportunity with some high one time investment at the beginning. Basic life support ambulance, advanced life support ambulance, medical courier service, air ambulance, etc are some of the profitable medical transportation businesses.

Multifunctional Stores

These stores are extremely affordable, require less investment and costs. Doing related activities like tyre sales, selling components of any vehicle, providing car washes etc make it a profit spinning venture.

These are some of the most affordable, profitable Transportation business ventures where the investments are low and returns are expectantly higher. One can engage in such activities with medium knowledge and be driven into a world of possibilities.


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