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The youth of today have a different outlook for their career and it is not just about getting nor having a day job anymore. It is more about how you grow yourself and how you make your dreams into a reality. If you see the latest economic and business scenario in India, you can easily find out different start companies making a mark in various genres of business.

Young people are making a huge difference in the world of business with their entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities. And it is not always about having large multinational companies rather it is all about the innovative and unique ideas that are making the difference. Small scale business which might have started from the godown or the store room at the back side of the house is now of the most prominent one shaking the share market every day.

With angel investors and venture capitalists, young and bright thoughtful entrepreneurs are getting the chance to establish their own business concerns which are changing the whole system of business and lifestyle of everyone.

Take the example of any cab services business now a day, who thought that it would be so easy to book a cab just in few seconds and that too with a cell phone? But now it’s a reality and only a few young minds with guts to do something of their own found out the ways which are now making life better for so many people and also giving employment opportunities to thousands. It is proved by this generation that it takes bright thoughts and willpower to make something of your own and get recognition from the world and to be your own boss. So, if you also have the zest for doing something of your own and making a career out of it which is not so stereotype, you can have a look at the below-mentioned low investment business ideas with estimates of high profit margin in india.

  • Event Management: Event Management business has gain immense importance in present time. The busy schedule of the people makes them hire people who can arrange everything for any of their big and special days. When it comes to the event management business, it is not only about organizing the wedding or birthday parties but any kind of personal or professional events like corporate seminars or meetings etc. Anyone who is having contacts and interest in making a career in this business can start the business with the little amount of capital and few co-workers.

Even if you don’t have enough capital then you can always take advance from your client to pay your dues and then you arrange everything properly. This business has various opportunities and one grows immensely with every successful event. It is one of the most highly profitable businesses with very low investment which you can run on medium or large scale basis depending on your setup and the investment, in the beginning, can be much lower than you can even think about like you can even start the business in your own room so no rent, if you hire two employees and cumulating all other overhead charges, you startup investment can be around INR 50,000-INR 1, 00,000.

The profit for a newly established even company can be anywhere between 10%-15% which keeps on increasing with a number of events and popularity that company gets. In India, this business is much profitable because of another reason too and that is Indians are always into celebrating something or the other so the event management company cannot go out of work if they put their best efforts.

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  • Designer Boutique: With the increase in the level of income and change in the lifestyle of the urban people, today not only the celebs but also the general people can afford designer wears and who don’t want to look different and have a unique style statement? Opening up a Designer clothing boutique can be a highly profitable business idea with low investment for anyone having knowledge of making designer clothes and have a passion for entrepreneurship.

The cost in the beginning of the business can be as low as the raw material and the overhead charges. If you have already some orders in hand then you can charge advances from them and can start with your work of designing the cloth otherwise you have to put the money from your end to flag off. The profit margins, in the beginning, can be anywhere between 20%-30% but if you get recognition in the market and your product becomes a brand you can have a profit margin of anywhere between 50% and above. The charges that to be considered while setting up this business are raw material cost, charges of the tailors, setting up contacts and rent if you open up a shop. The key to success for this business is the quality of the material and designs you put in.

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  • Online T-shirt Printing: With the immense involvement of technology with the business, you can now trade across the world without any barriers. If you are looking for any high profit business which you can start right away from the couch of your home, this one is for you. Though T-shirt printing is an age old business but with flying times, you can now avail orders from any part of your country or the world.

The startup will cost you anywhere between INR 10000-INR 30000 depending on the type of website you are using, quality of your material and the designs you are using and other overhead expenses. Once the site starts generating traffic and you have orders in your hand profit margins of 20%-40% is minimal and once your brand gets established you can have much higher profits. The gestation period of the business might not be so long if you have good contacts in the network of young people as t-shirts are always into the trend for the teens and college-goers.

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  • Online News Website: Media combined with technology is a powerful business venture which is gaining high importance in today’s world. The news is not anymore only available in print media but it is now available in the virtual world which is accessible by anyone across the globe. Opening up a news website can be one of the most profitable ventures for any young minds as they can bring fresh news to the visitors and make good money out of it if they can really make it popular with the readers.

Starting up a website for news will cost anything around INR 5000-10000 depending on the charges of website designing and content but the profits can be at any level. If you can attract traffic towards your website on daily basis you can even have revenue much higher than your cost which will ensure higher profit margins. With ads and links on your website you can generate the revenue; it is all about how much traffic your website attracts. Accordingly, revenue is generated and so you make a profit.

  • Tuition and Vocational Training Academy: Teaching is one of the most profitable careers that one can have. The investment is nil or very minimum in the beginning and as you grow, your income also grows so then if you invest in owning a place for making your academy, your investment is much lower than the profit you will make. If you are into academics but you want to be your own boss starting up a tuition center is the best choice you can opt for. You can start at your home so you don’t have to pay any rent or any charges and all the fees you get is your income.

Going forward to establish an academy and to attract more students all you need to have a proper room or an apartment which can cost you according to the value or rent in your locality, furniture like benches and desks and similar things. Overheads charges are another thing you need to keep in mind but cumulating, the investment which is required to begin any tuition academy comes around INR 40K and above depending on the size and type of classes and academy. If you have enough number of student you can easily earn a profit of 50%-70% from any tuition institute which is huge. Moreover, if you start providing vocational training, profits can be much higher.

  • Fast Food Joint: Opening up a food joint in any popular places where people come for hanging out or where there are office premises and commercial buildings can be a very highly profitable business venture. Food is very famous with everyone in India and any food business with little innovation and quality food item can run successfully as it is observed over time.

The investment required to open a fast food joint varies according to the size of the place and area or the locality. Normally, you can open a food joint with a minimum investment of INR 2-3 lacs and if you take franchise of any popular restaurants and other food products, then you can have higher investments. The profit for any newly opened food joint can be anywhere between 20%-25% but if it is a franchise of recognized brand then the profit can be around 40% and higher. The food business is another business which is life perpetual once recognized and the quality is another major factor.

  • Customized Jewellery Items: Jewellery are always famous with women and they just love to flaunt their collection. But with changing times, there is a shift of style statements and preferences. Now a day as most of the women are working professionals and homemaker at the same time they don’t like something which is too heavy for gold ornaments rather they like something which is unique, light and can be worn at any occasion. There comes the idea for custom jewelry. These are not traditional gold or silver ones rather these are made of various kinds of metals like platinum, copper, tungsten and even of gold and silver. The designs are really attractive and that’s what makes them so famous nowadays.

Investment in a business of making and selling this jewelry can be really benefitting economically and mentally. The investment required to start this business depends mainly on the labor cost as the material used for making these jewelry have low pricing expect for the expensive metals. You must seek at least 30% from any of the jewelry after paying all the overheads and that is the minimum profit margin for any custom jewelry.

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  • Car Rental: Car renting business is not a new one but obviously a very promising one. With various technological updates renting a car is now such an easy affair and making money out of it is not that tough if you can market your service properly. You can start over with your car if you have one and then as you make a profit out of it, you can hire or buy other cars in the future. Normally any car renting business have investment related to the maintenance of the car, charges of the driver and overhead expenses but going forward purchase or the rent amount of the car comes into. But mostly car rental business doesn’t provide driver as the person hiring the car on rent wants to drive on their own so, driver charges is an optional cost.

The profit margins in car renting business can vary from one type of cars to another but the normal profit margin lies between 20%-40%. With lots of people residing in different cities rather than their hometown, car rental business is becoming famous amongst them. The young crowd normally hires car for going short trips on weekends and it is becoming popular in most of the metro cities as observed. So, venturing into this business can be a real good opportunity for any speed loving entrepreneur.

  • Salon: Investing in a salon is always recommended as a good investment as the profit margins are quite higher with very low investment. The business idea has a long-term opportunity as well if the establishment is a popular place and there are good marketing strategies for making it popular with the customers in and around. Normally, when any salon takes franchise of any popular brand then automatically the profit margins gets higher but on an average, even the normal salons make at least 30%-40% profit over and above their costs.

The investment required to set up a salon depends on the services it will provide and the space and size of the salon. You need to account for the purchase or rentals price of the salon plot or space, equipment, employee’s fees, overhead expenses and miscellaneous expenses and the products you are going to use. If you have a place of your own then you don’t need to incur the rental charges or the purchase cost of the plot which in turn will increase your profit margin.

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The young people of this generation have broad views of life and they want to explore what is untouched till date in businesses with low investment and high profit margin. In India, it is now time for a change and the youth are driving that change with their thoughts and ideas.

People are now following their passion and who have leadership qualities are standing out with their own ventures. Businesses are again getting importance in India and investors are also interested in investing as it is the fastest developing country as per current surveys and reports.

The above mentioned low investment business ideas have high potential to grow into major profitable business organizations and attract investors across the nation. It is time to motivate yourself and others to venture into things that you actually want to without the fear of failure. All these businesses mentioned above can be started with the much lower amount of investment compared to other business ventures but all of them can make a profit in the bracket of 20% – 50% which is like huge for any business concern in the beginning. With technology and globalization, you can reach out to the customers who are on the opposite side of the world and that is why making your business a successful one is not that tough nowadays if you have that passion and dedication to do so.



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