In the modern day, when we’re spending more time than ever on our computers and every industry has somehow migrated online, it can be hard to keep one eye on your health while you’re working. Exercise is for those who have time, diet is for those who can concentrate on what they’re eating, mental health is for those who aren’t stressed out their head about their work. 

Well, we’re looking at all the ways you can make handling your health easier. Read on for all the details. 

The exercise

This one would be easier if you are working from home. At that point you have the freedom to decorate your home exactly as you wish, whereas you will need permission to add some exercise equipment to the office. 

Consider getting a standing desk, which will already do wonders for you, but you can also add a foldaway treadmill underneath to gently walk while you work. Attend video meetings while wandering the park or even taking a run. There are lots of ways you can incorporate exercise into the office. 

Of course, there are also things you can do within the office, and during your commute. Consider parking further from the office and cycling or walking to the car. Take a walk during lunch, take the stairs rather than the lift, do some stretches where you stand, walk while on the phone, etc. Provided it’s practical for you and the people around you, there are also a lot of exercises you can do in the office. If the only thing it does is loosen you up and keep your back from seizing up, all the better. 

The diet

Look, we’re all just looking to get through the day. That’s why we’re skipping breakfast to grab the train and aching of hunger by the time we reach the office with no affordable alternative to a sandwich that went off last night still in the corner store fridge. 

Well, now we’ve started the day with something that tastes like sandpaper, we’re owed delicious but calorie-filled burger from the place nearby, right? It’ll be quick at least. 

We know this script. Don’t try to fool us. We’re all in the same boat. That’s fine once in a while, and we won’t begrudge you a box of chicken nuggets on a hard day, but there are better ways. 

For one thing, don’t skip breakfast. Prepare a bagel the night before and run out the door with it if you have time anxiety like a good chunk of the population and can’t stand to stop when you have somewhere to be. 

Spend your Sunday night batch cooking. Find yourself a few recipes that you wouldn’t mind making in a massive proportion and put it all together for lunch throughout the week. You won’t resort to the sandpaper sandwich or greasy burger, and you’ll save money. 

The mind

So, that handles the physical side of things, but there is also the mental to think of. Too many of us are pushing it aside, assuming that a lack of physical symptoms means a lack of problems. Don’t tell yourself you don’t want to make a fuss at work, or that you’re fine where you are when you’re not. If your mental state is deteriorating, you should make moves to improve it. 

These can be small everyday things like making sure you get away from your desk during your lunch break, or opting for homemade to get something truly enjoyable, to the more drastic of asking if your company has mental health support or dealing with dissatisfaction in your job by opting for training, a new role, or even leaving. 

If you’re worried about wellness at work, you can find a handy guide here to make things a little easier. But remember that a little wellness can only go so far, and if you need more help, do ask for it. You can contact your family doctor for information on mental health services. 

The rest

There are far too many things in this 9-5 world that are only open for 9-5 hours, like visiting the family doctor, the dentist, the optician, etc. Soon, that means using up what little holidays you are permitted on appointments that couldn’t fit in a 21-century shift-based world. 

But you’ll need an annual physical. You’ll need a smear test. You’ll need an eye test. You’ll need a dental check-up. And no doubt you can think of a few of your own. The way to avoid taking out a holiday for each of them is to schedule them all in the one day. If you have a full tank of petrol and an empty day, perhaps some good luck, you can schedule all your checkups for the same day. You will start the day with a long list of things to get done and end it in full health.

And why stop at your body? That haircut you keep putting off? That MOT that’s due? A health check for the dog at home? Replacing the batteries in your smoke detector? Anything that needs to be done annually, pick and day and sail through them all at once. It’s a lot to cram in. 


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