SyCone CPMC – A Construction Management And Consultant Company India


Sycone is Construction Company which is providing solutions to construction industry across the country. They do business in the domestic and other countries. They are into this business in the year 1993. Sycone is ISO 9001-2998 certified company. It is a reputed company which was trusted by many of its clients for its timely resolutions pertaining to construction and still continues with same trust and belief.

Sycone offers technical and support services to its clients in the field of Engineering, project management and construction. Their projects in the past were temples, refineries and high-tech installations. Their hard work, commitment, resolutions to problems, proactive approach made the company what they are now. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sycone delivered many projects which will last generations and will be remembered as leader. With great dedication and hard work this Sycone has emerged as one of the best construction company in India. With sustainable architectural designs, structured project, management to diligent cost management Sycone do whatever it takes for hem to deliver the project on time and within budget. Whatever project they do, they do it with cutting edge technology with state-of-art techniques. They strive hard to do every project within given time.

They offer services in engineering, project management, design build incept-training and publishing. They also service offer in the field of institution, manufacturing, retail industry, healthcare industry, IT parks, transportation industry, energy, and residential. Services in specialized sectors like retail, data centre, supercomputer research centre etc.

How they do a project?

Every project they take up treats it differently with unique approach in order to satisfy clients. They analyze everything and finds out the way on how to meet clients client’s business objectives. Sycone endorses collaborative learning which ensures the project receives full potential services it merits from all the stakeholders involved. Their penchant for quality and their professional discipline they make the entire team to work efficiently. Sycone’s dynamic team ensures entire process of the project go smooth without any hurdles. With great presence of mind they overcome any hurdle hindering their way. Every member among 200 trained and professionals ensure excellence in whatever they do. With experienced leadership, technical experience and innovation they deliver every project.

So far they have delivered projects successfully in 20 states of the country since the time of inception. With great professional management services they were able to achieve this.


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