get control over cable mess in your office

We understand it can be difficult to look at the mess that is your cable setup. Whether this is the nest of wires and leads in, on and around your computer desk, your home entertainment system, or your television installation, in many cases, this is a sight for sore eyes.

There comes a time where you put your foot down and say ‘enough is enough,’ or the urge to organize your cables simply gets too much to bear any longer. When you’ve reached this point, you’re going to need a strategy that gets results.

Today, we’re going to explore six of the most successful and most effective strategies that will help you complete this job quickly and to the best of your ability.

#1 – Create Plug IDs

The best first step anybody should take while organizing their plug system is by IDing each plug, so it’s easily identifiable. You can do this by using colored stickers for each appliance or labeling each cable with a tag stating what it is.

#2 – Using Cable Ties

When you have a bulk section of cables that all run in a similar direction, whether that’s from a device to a plug socket, or between pieces of equipment, it’s a good idea to use cable ties to bound these cables together to make them appear a lot neater and make them more manageable.

You can also use cable and hose carriers if your cables are being carried across a certain distance. This helps to keep your cables organised, together and straight while traveling across a floor, wall or ceiling, and helps you to view your room without the traditional mess that cables create.

#3 – Storing Unused Wires

It’s common to either keep wires you’re not using, or that are not plugged in all the time, either laying around or to chuck them into a drawer. However, to keep these cables tidy and organized for when you need them, you can use paper towel tubes to wrap them up and separate them.

#4 – Upgrade to Wireless

Perhaps the most obvious way to reduce the amount of ‘cable clutter’ you have is to upgrade your devices to wireless options. No matter what appliances you have, there’s guaranteed to be a wireless alternative that you can move to; allowing you to free up space from cables.

#5 – Create a Custom Charging Station

A lot of the wires and cables you’ll see around the average home are actually chargers for your portable devices, and this can create a lot of the mess. Instead of scattering them around, get a box and cut holes in it to create a universal charging station that keeps them all in one place.

#6 – Rearrange Your Rooms

To help minimize the visibility of wires, try mixing the tips above with rearranging your rooms in order to move your electrical appliances closer to the mains outlets. This means there’s less distance to see the cables, and you have more freedom to organize them properly.


Organizing the cables around your home or workplace can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding tasks you’ll undertake. Not only does implementing these strategies look good, but they also make maintaining your cables and looking after everything a breeze!


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