how to start flooring business

Another integral part of a building, or say the core element of any building is the floor that is installed. Flooring takes a huge portion in adding beauty to the building. In olden days, buildings were built with maximum importance being given to the quality of cement and the color of the walls.

Now, floors are being chosen with extreme care and intense research. This is because of the inventions in housing and architectural industries. For an architect, his ideas of designing does not limit in the layout alone. It includes the floor also and the installation of the same should be of a very good quality to qualify the architect’s work. Flooring on the other side, is a very good option for entrepreneurs who love to work have work in different locations. Here in this article we will discuss about how to start flooring business. Here is flooring business plan sample for you to get started.

Current demand

While entering into any business, the first thing to take into consideration is the demand for it. This is because, demand can only drive your business in such a way that you don’t experience any loss. On seeing the demand for flooring installation business, the drivers for increasing the orders is more and is from almost all the industries of the world.

Of those, the increasing number of housing companies make the highest contribution in creating demand for the business. Also, the competition between these housing companies makes it more profitable. For example, any housing company will attempt to show itself unique from the others in the market. And to achieve this, one weapon they choose is the difference they show in flooring.

Hence, you get into the play by introducing a number of styles in flooring. This start will gradually get you exclusive and long term contracts.

The next in line is the level of importance people give for the interiors and architectural part of the buildings. Changing lifestyle forces each person in the society to compete with the other in creating an appreciable house. Offices are now being given more importance for their interiors since they are considered as factors increasing their business standards.

For example, a travels agency will wish to have an office with the travel theme having all the components of the building adhering to the topic travel. Undoubtedly, the flooring plan will have be related to travel. By this the company will earn social status which will be an accelerator for its sales.

Flooring business setup

how to setup flooring business in the USA, California

Businesses survive for a longer time because of initial investments too. To start with, make sure you are financially capable to run the business. Knowing this is not easy and will require deep study in the fluctuations of the flooring installation business. Thus, to be at the safer side always have additional funds apart from the funds you have allotted for operating the business. Theories apart, lets see the important factors to run the business.


As said earlier, focus more on your investment since it plays a vital role in the way you operate. Formulate a plan for usage of those funds in the most ideal way. This financial plan will always be helpful for you and will resist unfavourable business conditions. Setup a small software program to maintain the invoices and billing details of your business. These details will also be usable in tracking the progress of your business from its commencement.

Equipment and tools

Coming to the action part, the tools. Tools take almost 50% of the initial investment. They have to be procured from an appropriate source so that you eliminate the need for replacement to some extent. As we know that there are a number of varieties in floors, the equipment needed for it will also be  varying. However there are few basic items that will form the base for the equipment section.

  • Jig saw
  • Circular saw
  • Jamb saw
  • Routers
  • Multifunction tools
  • Glue adhesives
  • Buffers
  • Hygrometers
  • Flooring sealers
  • Nail guns
  • Floor buffers
  • Drum sanders


Needless to mention, flooring installation will be incomplete if labour is not included in the business setup. Trained labours should be recruited and before appointing them it is mandatory to have a skill test. Having this test might be consuming a lot of time, but worth it to have permanent skilled labours.

Apart from these points, there is an exclusive point to have in mind to stay updated with the trend and inventions. This insists on sending your labours for workshops relating to flooring installation.


So investment, labour and tools are the three major needs of this business. This need not be the standard one restricting your creativity. You can include as many components into it depending on your ability and the potential strength of the included components to increase your profits. These may include a warehouse for storing your resources, Maintenance department for the tools and equipment etc.

Pay for labour

This is an important decision which shapes your profit and predicts the success of your business. Choosing the right person with appropriate skills helps you in having permanent workers lessening the costs that you will be spending due to high labour turnover. On seeing the average pay for your labours, the figures are $2 to $8 per square foot.

This pay purely depends on their ability to complete the installation in a standardised way in the stipulated time. The lowest pay is given to labours with less experience. Recruiting licensed workers is advisable, but I wouldn’t say only licensed workers are to be appointed. You can test their efficiency before you appoint and give them enough training if you spot potential skills in them.

How do you fix the charges for installation?

Here comes the part bound with criticality and high level of analysis on the market. Calculating the flooring costs is quite a complex process, but if done with utmost care tracking your expenses and profits will turn to be the easiest task. Basically, your costs will have under itself the labour costs and material costs. The inclusion of material cost signals you that the type of flooring you choose is also a factor making a difference in charges you fix.

As a primary step, have measurements of the area to be floored. A clear cut picture of the dimensions and square footage of the floor has be found. This initial step has to be perfect since the subsequent steps are done depending on these measurements. Now, decide how many of your workers will have to be present there in the location to finish the work. Undoubtedly, more workers can complete the work in a very less period.

But plan wisely in this area since more number of workers can outweigh the profits you will earn from the work. This definitely does not advise you to make the work slower with less number of workers, but to have an optimum number to complete at the right time.

Next, break up the expenses associated with procuring materials. Materials are not the same for all as you know the degree of variability from each type. Write down the costs of procurement into,

  • Transportation
  • Taxes
  • Import costs (rare)
  • Storage costs
  • Cost of the material
  • Handling charges for labour

Now, all set for calculations. After calculations, the average charges will be as follows.

  • $6000 for Wooden flooring
  • $3000 for Laminate flooring
  • $2500 for Carpet flooring
  • $2500 for Vinyl and Linoleum flooring

Note that the mentioned charges are just for an idea and they are not the standard ones. Measurements make the whole difference and this is the reason why I mentioned that the first step has to be carried out with maximum perfection.

Types of flooring

types of flooring in USA and UK

Here comes the creativity section of your business. This is where you can portray yourself in the most exclusive way by indulging in designing. Designing is something which is indirectly connected to this business. Logically speaking, customers get attracted only to variants than any other perks you provide them.

Remember, they come to your place with the motive of making their house pleasing. Thus, have this as your target and provide them with a variety of designs which they haven’t encountered in any other company they enquired before. As a service firm, go beyond what you actually have to provide them. Make a shift from basic level to augmented level so that your customers choose your company than any others in the market. Additional services may cost you extra, but will increase your orders in drastically.

  • Wood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl and Linoleum flooring
  • Carpeting
  • Tile flooring

Wood flooring

While talking about the demand, this type of flooring is highly demanded by the high end section. Demand has been highly traced from people with a better income level and this is due to the costs associated in associating the installation of wood floor. In this type you have two styles,

  • Solid wood floor
  • Engineered wood floor

These two differences denote the quality of the wood and also the proportion used.

Laminate flooring

Out of the types of flooring, laminate flooring takes the name for cheaper installation. This again creates demand from the low income groups and is found to be more frequently installed.

Vinyl and Linoleum flooring

This type of  flooring stands next after laminate flooring in being  pocket-friendly. Also, the type has high chances of imitating stone, tile or wood. There are a number of ways in which laminate floors can be installed and high level of flexibility is one important factor which makes laminate flooring to be the first choice.

Licensing for the business

As we all know, Licensing is one big tedious work in a business to handle legal issues of the same. It may not be the same in all countries , but knowing the procedure followed in any one place will provide you an outline of what Licensing is.


All the flooring business owners should possess C-15 Flooring and floor covering contractors state license. To acquire this license, you will have to have minimum of 4years experience in your industry. The very next step is to clear two examinations of the same industry.

  • The California Law and Business exam
  • Flooring and Floor covering C-15 exam

These two exams are to check your abilities and skills as a flooring contractor. The licenses will also be helpful in showing your business as a certified and trusted one. After clearing these exams, apply for the license. Application for Original Contractors License will demand for $250 and this amount will have extra $150 for clearing your exams. Approval for your application will happen in few days or months after which verification process will take place.

Now, you don’t have to stick to the same procedure to since you might be from a different part of the world. Have the description as a sample so that forming queries about licences will be easier for you.

Commercial or Residential?

Here in this business, you can choose to travel in one path to target the leader position. Doing both is also good, but earning a name like the best company  for commercial flooring or residential flooring is more special. So choose where to invest your money and time. When it comes to residential flooring, an order for completing the flooring work for an apartment may bring unimaginable income.

But, the time taken will be more. On the other hand, commercial flooring will demand for uniqueness and suitability of the floor to the business. Contradicting residential flooring, commercial flooring will require less time since the work is for just one building.


After having all these things in mind, you can test your abilities to be a owner of a Flooring installation business. Having explained the relevant points to carry out the business, we come to the profits part. So how much can your earn? The answer is in your capability of carrying out the business in a popular way.

Popularity has higher chances of increasing the number of clients. Each time you advertise, there is assurance that you gain at least one extra client. Formulate promotional ideas and organise for advertisements to communicate your service to your clients. In the end, this is a simple business to be carried out and operated uniquely to gain attention in the market.


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