Marketing and branding have become the keywords in today’s world and they have greatly influenced the world of advertising. The scope of work in this field has, therefore, increased manifold. Starting an online marketing agency of your own would be a great business idea if you are up for the challenge.

The competition in this field is definitely quite high but it is one field that gives preference and value to quality of work. Hence, if you wish to start digital marketing agency business, you can be sure to be successful if your work is creative and matches up to the demands of the industry.

The world of advertising is expanding by the day. With the surge in the base of online customers, advertising too has taken a new avatar and gone online. The best part about this shift is that it allows you to work on your own terms. You can choose to work with print advertising or online advertising or even both. The choice is totally yours. Advertising in the form of content marketing is best practice to gain initial momentum, you should work with content marketing manager to get the ball rolling.

Digital marketing agency can be run with minimum infrastructure. You can start off by working from your home or a room that you can easily rent. If you are trained in this field of online advertising, then you can start off right away.

All you need is a registered firm, graphic designing tools for social media marketing, etc. If otherwise, you need to create a team that will work with you to transform your ideas onto paper and further into print and deliver to your clients.

Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan


In this business, you are going to deliver various services to your client which are:-

  • Social Media Marketing:- In this service, you have to improve social media presence of your client by getting more fan followers to your client’s business profile page on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You will also be responsible for posting informative and engaging content on social media pages to attract more likes and shares.
  • Email Marketing Service:- In this service, you are going to handle all the email marketing campaign of your clients. You have to design email templates, graphics, writing promotional emails, coupons code and latest offering by your client.
  • Search Engine Optimisation:- SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very challenging task and in this service you have to optimize your client’s website to gain more targeted and organic visitors from Google search. SEO is difficult and it takes time to rank a website on Google search. There are two types of optimisation in SEO, one is on-site optimisation which is related to website URL structure and content, other is off-site optimisation which is all about getting quality backlinks from other relevant authority sites.

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First step in your digital marketing business plan is to make a list of services which you will be offering to your clients.

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Register Your Digital Marketing Agency

You can register your business as a private limited company. Read more about how to register a company in India.

Create Your Business Website

Creating a website for your company is very important in this business because you have to show your online presence to the target market with your marketing skills. Many clients will visit your website to see how you rank of Google and to check your social media presence. Learn more about how to create a website here.

Also, website speed is one of the main factor in SEO. Make sure that your website is built with latest technology stack. You can use ReactJS for frontend design and Java in the backend to make robust website. ReactJS consulting company will help you in designing and development of scalable website using Java.

Design Your Own Business Proposal Template

In your business proposal, write down all your strategy for digital marketing and show them that how you are going to implement those strategies in your client’s website. Show them the potential in online marketing for their business and the numbers which they are missing. Convince them that online marketing will drive more sales to their business. Chalk out the list of services that you plan on providing to your client and their benefits.

Check Your Competitors

Plan out your business meticulously before you take the entrepreneurial plunge.  Refer to your prospective competitors and their work to get an idea of what services are in demand and what are the rates being charged by them for them.

If you are planning on starting digital marketing agency that deals primarily with online advertising, then you need to be well-versed with the techniques of keywords and search engine optimization. If necessary, get the requisite training to be able to contribute better towards your business. Coming to the funding and investment part of this business, you can start your ad agency with the minimum required investment. You can build on the infrastructure as per your requirement and profits.

Opportunity & Profits

Brands today are always looking for different ways to advertise and rebuild their consumer base. With the stiff competition in the digital marketing field, reinventing is the key and for that they are constantly turning to the creative online advertising agencies.

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These online advertising agencies are the ones that are the force behind most of the ads that we see around us while browsing internet. An ad has the power to boost the customer base for any brand and therefore, clients are always willing to invest freely into a creative and clever advertising. It is this aspect that makes starting an advertising agency a highly profitable business prospect.

The world today depends highly on print and digital media. The visual impact of any media has great value and therefore, most companies today depend on this impact to build their brand’s image. Since an online advertising agency is highly instrumental towards this goal, investing your entrepreneurial dreams in this field is highly recommended.


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