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Women are blessed with wonderful multi-taking skills and abilities than men. In a country like India, women population are more , in fact around 300 million of the total population in India comprises of women. However, unfortunately, women entrepreneurs are seen less in India compared to other countries. It does not mean that women in India are not talented or not equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

People may blame about the society, male dominance, India culture where women are supposed to be taking care of their men and children at home, doing the household activities. Well, in the 21st century, things have changed a lot and more clarity and freedom of thought and action is enjoyed by women in India. Even though comparatively lesser ratio that other countries, these days women are seen coming out of their shells and set up new business ventures.

This is indeed a good sign even at the economic aspect of the country. Hence, it is essential to unleash women talents and welcome more women entrepreneurs in India If you are looking for a feasible and low investment business ideas for women in India, hereby listed some of them:

Boutique/Fashion Designing Business For Women

Women always have good flair for fashion, apparels, accessories etc. Starting a business in the clothing or fashion industry can be thus a most preferred business option for most of the women out there. You can even design clothes as per new fashion trends and sell them. A boutique can be started with low investment and there are no much formalities to start it also. If you wish, you can also think about online clothing store, where you can sell apparels and accessories to mass of people all over the world. You can get the support for the social media to boost up your revenue.

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Food Business

Cooking can be another interesting area of women. So, starting a small restaurant or a catering business may not need much homework for a women. This is one of the lucrative small business ideas for women in India. With very less investment, a catering of food delivering business can be started at your home. You can initially supply to the nearby hostels, paying guesthouses, offices etc.

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Beauty Saloon Business

You can always make use of your spare room at home as a beauty parlor. For this business option also, you just need minimal investment as it can be started with basic equipment. Even if you are not trained in this, you can keep trained staffs to provide quality services to your customers.

Day Care Business Ideas For Women

A day care  business is one among the most profitable small business ideas for women in India. This is an ideal business option for stay at home moms. Many women are now a day’s looking for a safe place to put their kids when they are away for work. With a little investment, arranging your spare room, you can make a safe and fun filled day care area.

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Tutoring Business

Why cant you thing about a business option where your academic skills can be utilized? Yes, teaching students can be one of the lucrative small business ideas for women in India. You can even do this at your home, teaching nearby kids. It takes some hours of your day and hence, it is not a tedious job which you can do along  with your household works. You may not need any investment for this business option!

Content Writing Services

If you have a flair for writing, this can be one of the most profitable and interesting small business ideas for women in India. You can write for several companies as a freelancer, sitting at the comfort of your home and earn good income! In fact, this is a business option that needs no investment from you.

Candle Making Business For Women

With a minimal budget, you can start this business at your home. Just need to get a small training on the same. Now candle making classes are available almost everywhere. There is now more demand for the scented and decorated candles in the market and hence, finding suppliers for your candles can be an easy job. Moreover, you can also export your candles to international market, where there is a huge demand for candles, which is  treated as a home decor element.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making business can be another profitable business idea for a woman. With a small training on it and with very low investment, you can start making attractive Jewelry from your home itself. The market is vast even in India and abroad. Hence, creating a Jewelry store online, you can easily market your products across the globe. Ladies anywhere would get attracted to Jewelry. Hence, the scope of this business is never ending too!


Don’t think that your technical skills and qualifications are in vain when you are stay at home mom. Well, why can’t you think about a home based consultancy to make use of your skills? Starting a consultancy at home has a little investment and one of the most profitable and interesting small business ideas for women in India. You can start any type of consultancy like technical training, recruitment consultancy, accounting and auditing consultancy, diet consultant and the list goes on. In fact you can choose the one best suited to your skills.

Wedding Planning

Are you a person with good contacts and social circle? And someone with good organizing skill? Then this is a most suitable business option for you. In the busy schedules of people today, the demand for the professional wedding planners is rising up. Hence, you are sure to get many opportunities for this business. You can start with conducting wedding planning and event management of your relatives and make a mark in the industry, before you go ahead with big clients.

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So, what are you waiting for? Fulfill your dreams and make yourself proud becoming the next women entrepreneur!

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