Nowadays kids are becoming very intelligent and smart. There are several reasons to point out behind their growing intelligence. Among various reasons smart phones and internet plays a dominant role for their intelligence. Since kids gets at attracted to smart phones and their usage they tend to use every feature of the smart phone to the fullest to enjoy all features. Among all such features chatting is most addicted one for kids especially for teenagers. Teenagers spend much of their time chatting with friends. There are several apps in the market which meets the various needs of various users. WhatsApp is one best app for chatting with people you like.

There are several negative impacts of using WhatsApp and other messengers. Below are some points that explain how these apps impact kids and teenagers.


Primarily, too much using of WhatsApp and other messenger can have strong impact on education of the kids. If parents fail to limit the usage of these messengers then kids will fail to score good grades in the school. This happens when they allot too much time for chatting. Spending much time chatting with friends can have deep impact on education of the kids. They allot more time for chatting and less time for education and ultimately score least grades in the school.


Too much usage of these messengers including WhatsApp can become an addiction to many kids. Getting addicted to these messengers can ruin both health and education. These apps come with amazing features that induce kids to use them too much. Not only just cigars even technological items can also ruin health if it is used beyond limits.


Kids spend much time using these messengers to chat with friends day and night. Spending too much of time using these messengers day and night can have impact on health. Ultimately kids may end up in hospital bed for treatment. Ending up in hospital also ruin valuable education too.

Minimizes learning

Kids fail to learn other valuables things in life when they spend too much of time using these messengers. Their mind becomes monotonous and fails to face any difficult task in life. Kids may lose confidence that can abstract them to think in a creative manner.

Social life

Using messengers in a too much manner can push kids away from social life. They fail to learn how to mingle with people around them. This way they will not gain any knowledge about society they are in.

Parents must take care of their kids by making them understand these negative impacts on their life. Parents must explain them pros and cons of using WhatsApp and other messengers. It is also kid’s part to understand what their parents are trying to explain. By explaining them all these disadvantages parents can help their kids build up good career and of course good health too.


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