Recruitment strategies

Formulation of teams is more a matter of recruitment than choice. An organization is known to be churning in a lot of time along with resources in strategies of recruitment, but where they lack is they end up ignoring retention. During the course of a recruitment assessment centre, this aspect deserves a lot of attention.

It is one of the major issues for a business leader who is likely to be leaving an organization when better prospects emerge on their way. These are some ways for which an employee leaves an organization as better opportunity strikes their way. But the top manager should downplay the pointers of a poor retention module

An organization has to be aware that not only hiring an employee will suffice. They have to take a series of steps at their end to even retain the employee. Once an organization is aware of a proper retention strategy, they end up saving a lot of time and money for an organization. A good leader never ignores a quality retention strategy in an organization. They are the pillars by which they promote the culture of an organization through quality leadership practices.

It is necessary for a leader to have a fair idea about the mind-set of an employee. An effective leader does not put a lot of emphasis on team dynamics whereby the employees are in the best of spirits. Leaders have an important role to play in retention strategies as an organization is not in a position to be missing out on talented employees. It ensures that the employee engagements are at a consistent level. For this reason, the engagement of the employees works out to be really important.

Strategies to be retaining talent

A professional personal work balance

It is important to be aware of the work personal life balance. 89% of the masses believe that this is the key to achieve happiness at the place of work. This means that a proper healthy environment is essential as jobs are taking a toll on the mental and physical health of an individual. If you churn in long hours at work not only it means loss of productivity but has an impact on your mental health. Eventually, the price could be absenteeism and demotivation creeps in.

The role of an organization is to encourage a proper work-life balance, it is through various mediums. Examples are in the form of team lunches, seminars to have a viable discussion about overburden, stress and a host of other factors. By this discussion, an employee is able to make quality decisions. Once you adopt methods of relaxation like yoga or mediation it can also combat the issue of stress as they are able to feel a lot better about themselves.


The method of ESOP points to the fact that an employee is made an equity holder of a company. It provides an ownership interest in an organization. What happens is that the employees consider themselves to be part of an organization and they attach themselves.

In a way, they align their personal objectives with the overall goal of an organization. This is a cashless strategy of payment working as a pivotal role for an organization as you are able to formulate successful teams with a common goal. The recruitment assessment centre can be of immense help in this case.


Words have a power of healing. There are no words to match the terms well done or keep it up. Once an employee goes on to receive an appreciation mail it is way beyond words. Nothing stands better when an employer appreciates an employee and asks them to give their best towards the company.

It is a natural tendency to feel low at certain points. Once you feel that nothing is going to work out an inspirational post, or a few photos might change the mind-set of the clients. Even if they fail to perform a couple of times it is necessary that you keep motivated and provide them, ample team, where they are able to prove themselves. When the audience applauds them provide them with trophies or badges. A series of actions are going to make them work a lot harder. Another way to keep the motivation levels is high is through appraisals. The employees are not going to give off their best without any form of motivation.

Fostering superior communication channels

The employees have to be aware of the latest changes so it means developing a sense of loyalty and trust among them. In fact, the need of the hour is to streamline internal communication along with a series of digital activities. It can be in the form of featured news, star performers, shared awards etc. A company is going to be aware of the traits of employee retention so that they focus on brand awareness.

Social culture is the way forward

If you introduce philanthropy into the work culture, employees are encouraged to be part of social events. Employees are motivated and likely to be sticking to work. Once you volunteer and give something back to the society it provides a degree of pride and sense to the employees. Numerous ways are there by which an employee can resort to such a practice as it works out to be the process of choosing a quality program.


For a company whose focus is employee retention does have a definite benefit for an organization that does not focus on the same. A company takes note of the fact that happy employees tend to feel happy and are engaged at the workplace premises. Even if you are going to conduct health wellness programs it ensures that the employees feel valued at work.

In a way it does provide a definite sense of security among the employees as it is not about a hefty pay check at all times. Such a small gesture even showcases the fact that an employer cares about their staff.


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