business opportunities in Qatar

Qatar being situated to nearby to Saudi Arabia, the standard of living is high due to the presence of an enormous quantity of oil and gas underneath its land and also gets influenced by the Saudi region. Though the country is tiny but due to the vast revenue earning capacity of the government and its people, the citizens are wealthy and have a high living standard. The country moreover is open to absorb the new trend in the market and open to the global market as well. It is making a connection with the rest of the world for the different business venture and thus if you are also looking for some lucrative business ideas and investment opportunities in Qatar, then you must keep on reading this article.

Qatar being open to the globalization and its geographical advantage makes it the appropriate choice of being of the financial and business hub in the world. The tax on companies is not much high, and thus the environment for doing business is straightforward and easy. Also, their is no tax deduction for employees and they take home their salaries without any tax deducted. You can expand your business a lot more, and thus there are several business opportunities in Qatar out of which we have come up with ten best business opportunities in Qatar.

Invest In Transportation Business

It is one of the largest businesses that is done across the different countries in the world and due to the high standard of living in Qatar, and since people have a right amount of capital in hand, this business seems fruitful in the country. With the changing and ever-increasing demands of the people and need increases with the increase in income as well, so there are various departments where transportation business can make an entry to make a profit.

In Qatar, the logistics and transportation business is on a high rise, and thus if you are looking for opportunities to invest in a business in Qatar, it is one of the great options. But you need to very specific about choosing the employees as the success of this company depends on how your employees are performing their tasks. Whether your driver has enough experience to deliver goods via road without damaging the trucks or the products or not, whether all the inventories are appropriately recorded are few question of the critical question bank that you need to ask yourself before hiring an employee for your company. The qualification of the employees also matters in case of aviation department. The shipping, transport, road freight and docks and logistic units have lots of business from the foreign countries, and thus it is a great time to invest in the same.

Food Court Business

Qatar is witnessing a massive growth in its entertainment business as well as in tourism sector with recent trends of globalization and liberalization. Since opening up a theatre is an expensive business venture, you can start with small food-joint nearby the theatre or tourist places and sell roasted corns. This natural yet filling food takes almost no time and one of the low-cost yet efficient business ventures you can invest in Qatar. This is one of the favorite snacks, and thus the chances of making profit slowly but steadily are what you can assure yourself.

IT and Computer Related Business

Since, the nation has enough money in hand, and with the new trend of buying expensive gadgets for computers and mobile phones, you can start a similar business providing both computer-related goods as well as IT services provided you have the knowledge or otherwise you have to hire IT to engineer to the citizens. The initial cost of the business is comparatively lower if not you are buying only the expensive gadgets. You can include biometrics, digital entertainment products, and services, technology support for the mobile wallet which is getting immense popularity these days. Another thing in this business, you can decide your capital and start with the same, there is nothing like you have to invest a considerable money at first.

Invest in e-Commerce Delivery Business

With the increasing craze for online shopping, the delivery business is multiplying as well, and Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries, people shop a lot, and thus you can make a good profit starting a delivery business in Qatar.

Financial Consultation Services

Since the citizens of Qatar are more or less wealthy enough and have income that they can disburse into investment, financial consultation is one of the most lucrative businesses that can be operated in this country. Since everyone wants to earn money, and rich people can take the risk as well, if you can provide and guide with proper financial consultation service, then you and firm can grow and get great businesses. Moreover, this is the time to invest in the markets across the world are running into a bull session, and every day there is something new to spend your money on.

Interior Designing

Another business that has a vast prospect in Qatar is Interior designing, and the reason again is the luxury and high living standard of Qatar’s people. If you are passionate about designs and art, you can choose this as a career option in Qatar as the industry is growing inch by inch. You can start this business from your home with little capital, and all you need is right business plan.

Invest in Real Estate

Doha Market which is the significant part of Qatar had witnessed an increase in the rent till 10% which is enormous, and it was due to the shortage of accommodation in the city and in the country itself. Thus, real estate is a market where you can invest as the market has potential to grow. You can also start consultation and brokerage services for real estate which requires a limited amount of capital, and once you make a foothold in the market, the commission and the profit percentages are enormous.


Since there is an air of startup amongst the young generation, they require land, equipments, and lots of other things which come at reasonable If you have the capital to invest, then you can invest in such expensive equipments and areas and buildings which you can rent out or give a lease for few years and then your money can roll. The initial investment might be little more, but the profit percentage is vast once the gestation period is over.

Professional Resume Writing

This comes under small business opportunity in Qatar, it is one of the new era of businesses that are hugely growing in every country almost as the number of candidates seeking a job is increasing rapidly. Resume writing requires skills and knowledge rather than capital, and thus you can start the same business from home and build The profit is almost hundred percent you just need to pay the internet bill and the electricity that is consumed while making the resume on your desktop or laptop.

Mobile Car Wash Business

Every household has more than one car, and the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. Therefore if you start a car or vehicle cleaning business which has to be mobile, can be a profitable venture. Mobile car wash business requires less capital, yet the returns which you can earn is high.



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