Promote Your Online Business

For a lot of budding entrepreneurs and freelancers, the ability to have a business that’s based online is a brilliant opportunity. Instead of having to figure out the cost of renting an office space, you’re able to run your business at home or pay smaller hot-desking fees if you prefer.

Like all businesses, though, it’s essential to promote your products and services to both current and potential customers. Here are some useful ways in which you can promote your online business.

Social Media

If you run an online business, it would be very odd not to have at least a few social media accounts connected to it. Social media platforms have been used by all types of businesses around the world to engage with their customers and promote their brand.

The most obvious choices for social media are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but there are plenty of other platforms you can utilize for business purposes. If you’re using social media, make sure your posts are concise and relevant, and that you’re not spamming people’s feeds. 


Again, using digital marketing techniques for an online-based business is essential. The practice of SEO (search engine optimization), promotes businesses by elevating them up through the results pages. The higher rank your business gets, the more visibility you have.

This is important as a lot of consumers who shop online will only click on websites that appear in the first one to two pages of search engine results. SEO tactics aren’t always easy to do yourself, therefore hiring a professional SEO marketing consultancy could be beneficial to you. 


Moving away from the digital channels now and considering more traditional marketing methods. Although most of the population has access to social media or other online channels, don’t disregard how much non-digital marketing methods can help you.

By posting flyers, leaflets, and even postcard direct mail marketing materials, you could reach thousands of more potential customers. Just make sure they have a good design to make them stand out in the mail. 

Radio & Podcasts

A lot of people still listen to radio stations, and podcasts have become increasingly popular over the years. These are fantastic opportunities to reach more customers and promote your online business. If you want to promote your company through a podcast, think of a couple of relevant ones you can approach for this.

For example, if you are a publisher of crime fiction, find a podcast that discusses true crime events. Each station/podcast will have its own terms and fees around advertising, which you can discuss with them. 

TV Advertising

Although many of the younger generations tend to stream TV shows these days, there is still reason to consider TV advertising to help promote your online business. Popular shows are still aired on traditional TV channels, only increasing your audience to an older demographic that could be relevant to you. This can be costly, however, and will depend on your budget. 

Just because your business is based online doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to digital marketing – make sure you don’t miss out on these other promotional opportunities.


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