Project management software is the future of efficiency, no matter what industry you are in. Construction or not, it saves, us time and therefore money. There is a big difference in living with and without a project management software in construction. But what about the other side of the coin, – everything has two – what about all the potential problems that are connected with software implementation and usage?

We took our time and looked into some of them.


Project management software can be costly. When a company has a budget that they need to stick to it. Yes, the software might bring high initial costs (transition, training, licenses, etc), but in the long run, it saves you a lot more than that. Think of how much money do you spend monthly on paper alone.

Then there is of course a storage space that needs to manage and maintain. Some might say that the ROI is still not enough but the variety of options out there is huge. Everybody can find something that fits into their industry and budgets. Most of the software have different price range depend of numbers of projects you want to run and what kind of features you want to use.


Project management software is too complicated to use. Beginnings are hard, we know. Why changing from something that we already are familiar with and used for longer than we can remember, to something completely new ? What if the software prove to difficult to navigate and bring more harm than help to the project?

Well it’s not 1995 where the concept of home computer was just introduced. Today we all use electronic devices on daily basis. Project management software, just like PC, Tablet or cell phone has an intuitive design. Sure it takes time to switch from one method to another but with the latest versions and simple demonstrations, it doesn’t take more than 2 hours to get accustomed to the tool.


Project management softwares are too time consuming. Allright, let’s say that you have a money and you are not afraid to implement new solution. What about time you spend creating new project? Milestone creation takes time, delegating task takes time, everything takes time.

You would have to do those things regardless of if you are using pen and paper or technologically advanced program. Most of it you can do as you go. Geniebelt or other softwares do not require you to fill those informations in advance. You can always edit your project’s details on ongoing basis.


Project management software may complicate simple jobs. First of all project is as complicated as you make it. On top of that software doesn’t have to be use in every single case. You wouldn’t use a team of workers and create whole strategy just to change a lightbulb, As much as this may seem like an extreme example, the main point stays the same. It is a site manager who should decide when and how to use the software. The complexity lies within his responsibility.

Those are just some of the issues that pop up whenever there is a discussion regarding project management software, also in the construction industry.If you still not convinced, you can always request a free demo and check it out for yourself.


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