CPA Exam Study Tips

There are more than a few study tips for people who are studying for their CPA; however, they don’t all work that well. For those who want to make sure they ace this test, there are a few tips they need to keep in mind. Keep reading for some helpful study tips that really work here.

1. Be Consistent

When it comes to online cpa exam prep, it’s not possible to study occasionally or erratically and be successful. It’s important for a person to be in the right mindset to study and actually retain the information. Cramming doesn’t work when it comes to the CPA exam. It’s important to pick times and days to study and stick to it.

2. Eliminate Distractions

A huge mistake that a person may make as a CPA candidate is allowing distractions to keep them from studying. While this may sound obvious, eliminating distractions is harder than it may seem. Take some time to create a dedicated study space and let others know when studying is going on. These are two steps that anyone studying for their CPA exam needs to follow.

3. Find a Place to Study

As mentioned above, finding a study area is key. This should be somewhere that no one will come or bother a person. By creating a dedicated study area, it is possible to avoid distractions, which means no phones, televisions, or anything else.

4. Take Study Breaks

Out of all the CPA exam study tips that are “out there,” this is one that many people don’t think about. There’s no way to study 24/7. If someone tries to do this, they may lose focus and start to waste time. It’s essential that a person builds in breaks for their study routine.

Breaks are going to give a person a break and get their mind ready for more content. The key here is to make sure the breaks don’t get too crazy. It’s easy to increase study efficiency by taking frequent breaks.

5. Get in the Right Mindset

This is one of the most important CPA study tips a person can follow. It doesn’t matter if they are diving into a full prep course or just going through a few flashcards, focus is absolutely necessary. Before each study session, stop for a few minutes to get focused and in the right mindset. Stop thinking about anything besides studying for the exam. This is essential to actually retain the information that is being consumed.

6. Motivation is Key

At some point during anyone’s study process, they are going to begin to question why they are doing this. It’s crucial that a person remains motivated. This will require them to remind themselves of what they are studying to begin with. It may even be helpful to write down the goals a person has. This is going to help ensure that the individual remains motivated to study and succeed when they finally take the CPA exam.

When it is time for a person to study for the CPA exam, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to make the most of the study time a person has. This is going to pay off and give them the best chance possible to ace their upcoming exam.


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