Poultry Farming Business Plan – How to Start and Profits Margin In Poultry Farm

The poultry farming business is basically carried on by people who want to spend their leisure time in doing something productive. Poultry farming business is best suited for people who are passionate about carrying on with livestock farming, and it is largely in demand with the high rise in food consumption and food joint businesses. If you wish to serve the basic need of people through providing them with poultry products then this is the best choice of business which can fetch you with large profits simultaneously. Profit in this business is very quick because of less production time. You can make good profit if you start with best poultry farming business plan and follow the steps accordingly.

Less production time and more profit in poultry farming business:-

With the less production time I want to share the information on the breeding time for poultry products like chicken. They breed very fast and in the time period of 45 days they can become good profitable product with good amount of meat in them.

How to start poultry farming successfully

Poultry farming business could be an interest and the most profitable way of utilizing your time and efforts, but it is very important to go in the right format so that the best results could be achieved. So, let’s learn about how to start with a poultry business.

  • Have a detail Know-how

It is very important to have a detailed understanding of the business that you are getting your hands onto. Make sure you understand about what exactly poultry business and what are the options available while is carrying on this trade. Below we would learn about the various options available in this business. It covers the following aspects namely

  • Egg production
  • Poultry feed
  • Chicken breeding
  • Meat production
  • Egg and meat processing, packaging, and marketing
  • Poultry equipment manufacturing
  • Poultry marketing and consultancy

You need to decide about your specialization and the niche with which you want to take a start.

  • Decide your focus

It is very important to decide your focus and the specialization of your business. You should decide about which kind of bird you want to focus on, as with this the production related to that bird only will be focused and worked. The various birds with which you could take a start may include:

  • Chicken
  • Guinea fowl
  • Turkey
  • Peacock
  • Quail
  • Goose
  • Duck

With this you would have to decide on whether you want to rear layers or boilers. This depends on the key requirement of the business, considering whether you want to carry on with egg production or meat production.

Start-up capital or investment for poultry farming business:

The next big decision is the amount of capital with which you want to commence your business. The capital decides the scale of the business as depending upon the monetary resources the technique and land area could be ascertained. Hold a capital that is proportionate to your idea of the poultry business.

  • Business location

When it comes to the poultry business location, it holds the prominent factor deciding on the profitability and success of the business. A good location is very important, and depending upon the size of the land area, the profit would vary. It should be close to the area of high population, but it should not be close to residential premises as the odor and other factors related to poultry farming may disturb people in their homes. It is very important to maintain a balance between all the required factors.

All these factors shall be studied thoroughly to start up with a successful poultry farming business if you are a beginner in this field.


  1. A concerned farmer :fine am from kenya ,also here we do rear goats but i don’t know due to climate do we rear the same goats i would like to know from the expert. more later thanks

  2. Comment:I want to start a poultry business and I have no idea. .currently I only have 35000 thousands kenya shillings please help


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