If you have ever used Image Group’s hoarding design and printing service, you know that this is one of the preferred suppliers in the UK for printed hoardings. These are used for what is called hoarding advertising, or Dibond hoardings, which will allow you to promote your Brand yet keep all of your work hidden from the general public. This type of service will cover each and every base, ensuring that your printed hoarding panels are done to your specifications – this is why there are so many reasons that you should choose this particular form of marketing.

You can use hoarding lights if you are in the retail industry, or you can do this with property or construction hoarding, all of which will be covered by any request that you may have. We are aware that graphics can be printed hoardings, and may be used for many different purposes, especially for new products that you would like to highlight. The hoarding panels that we provide can be used in many different ways. By speaking with us today, you can chat with one of our design experts and discover more about Lavastar’s printed hoardings.

What Are Printed Hoardings?

These temporary protective structures are used for the purpose of featuring a graphics design. In many cases, these are very creative, which is why using a hoarding advertisement can be beneficial for your company if you have a brand logo. These panels can be installed very quickly, in a cost-effective manner, giving you advertising space that will also ensure your privacy, security and safety. Our gallery has many examples.

The advantages to choosing printed hoarding boards are numerous. For example, you can choose from those with a large format graphic, which are extremely sturdy and cost-effective. Our hoarding panel printing is very effective for most businesses as a promotional tool, and can also assist you with overall safety measures.

What Are Hoarding Graphics Made Of?

Hoarding graphics will be placed on a specialised type of timber canvas, the traditional material that hoarding graphics are often placed. When you look at hoarding printing options, these are typically vinyl graphics, that can be presented in a glossy or matte finish.

Our company specialises in Dibond hoardings, virtually the best material that you can use for these graphics because it is weather resistant and also very robust. Dibond hoarding material is typically made of some form of aluminium composite, some of which has been recycled. If you have a construction site, one that will require hoarding around the area, Dibond really is the most eco-friendly option available.

Image Group are currently only accessible in the United Kingdom, a company based in the UK that offers in-house hoarding design, printing, and installation services. Free site surveys are also provided so that you can obtain a tailor-made printed hoarding design of your very own. This is something that we offer, a unique hoarding graphics service, that will ensure that your timetables for your project are kept to an absolute minimum.


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