Moving to California (aka “Cali”) could be a life-altering decision and could open up many financial possibilities for you. California offers an enticing combination of economic strength and cultural offerings, but can be prohibitively costly to begin living there.

A substantial financial cushion should be in place before venturing out; however the following information should also be kept in mind:

Cities to Look At

Cali is one of the largest states in America and boasts breathtaking mountains, beaches, hot deserts, redwood forests, rivers, lakes and so much more. Home to one of America’s largest public university systems and providing endless job opportunities for its residents; Cali also has numerous cities you could live in – it’s important to explore all your options carefully to select one that meets both your needs and budget.

If you’re moving to California for work and searching for an ideal city that provides plenty of career opportunities without being too costly, Los Angeles could be an excellent destination. Offering cultural events, outdoor recreational activities and diverse neighborhoods – Los Angeles offers something special. However, be mindful of its high crime rate and rising real estate prices before choosing it as your new home.

San Jose, Oakland and Santa Cruz are also highly-preferred cities for young adults looking to relocate to California, offering high-paying jobs, safe neighborhoods and easy access to beaches or national parks – not forgetting their low cost of living!

Sacramento is another excellent option that caters to young professionals, according to this site. As one of Cali’s cheapest cities, Sacramento features a bustling economy, beautiful waterfront walks and family-oriented activities – not to mention hot summers and short winters for an enjoyable Cali experience!

California’s coastal cities may draw many to move there, yet more Californians are opting to leave in search of greater opportunities elsewhere. Some Californians are moving to Texas, which boasts vibrant nightlife and higher quality-of-life at lower costs; others choose Midwest states for employment opportunities and affordable housing opportunities. Whatever route is taken, make sure your move is carefully planned out so your car is prepared when arriving!



Many young professionals looking for a change of employment location decide on Cali as it offers great career opportunities and has a flourishing economy. Cali boasts agriculture to technology opportunities as well as being home to 53 Fortune 500 companies (source: ranking its economy amongst one of the highest nationwide. California also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene as well as being an idyllic retreat for nature enthusiasts.

Cali can be an attractive location to relocate, but people should keep several factors in mind before making their move. One is its high cost of living due to an expensive housing market and other factors. Saving up money beforehand or having secured employment before heading there is essential; also be sure that proper health and home insurance plans are in place before arriving!

Cali is well known for its warm temperatures and beautiful beaches, yet winter can get very cold here. Keep in mind that it is susceptible to natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires and droughts that could wreak havoc across its borders.

As California is so densely populated, commute times can become lengthy. To accommodate this traffic issue, it is strongly suggested that when moving to Cali you purchase or rent a vehicle or use rideshare services as your preferred mode of transport.

Cali offers many public parks and beaches for you to visit, offering scenic beauty through hiking up its mountains. This state is also well-known for its vibrant nightlife scene and numerous dining establishments.

To successfully make friends in California, be open to making new connections. As Cali is home to such an eclectic population and culture mix, this presents many different cultural avenues to explore; perhaps you could even attempt learning a local dialect!

Shipping Your Car

Step one in car shipping services involves selecting an auto transportation method. There are three primary categories for California car shipping or other vehicle shipping: open, enclosed and roll-on/roll-off (RORO). Open carriers offer the lowest costs and are ideal for shipping cars between cities – your car will simply be loaded onto a truck along with others to reach its destination.

Enclosed transport costs more, but provides greater protection from elements during transit; finally container consolidation offers secure yet cost-effective delivery to California.

Keep in mind that certain routes present more challenging logistics challenges for car transport companies than others. For instance, shipping your vehicle from New York to California involves covering hundreds of miles quickly in a short period of time; similarly shipping your car into San Francisco or Los Angeles may prove more complicated due to busy streets and frequent traffic delays in those states.

Planning ahead can save money and ensure your vehicle arrives promptly in great condition. Planning early can save money and time when shipping a car in California.


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