When you have decided to launch an SEO campaign in order boost your online visibility, you should prudently be kick starting your campaign with keyword analysis – one of the most basic as well as powerful tools of internet marketing. Today we will be particularly discussing the various merits of good keyword analysis and why companies offering seo services Bangalore would actually attach so much importance to this particular attribute. However, at first, we would first try and find out what keyword analysis is all about. So, read on to find out.

What is keyword research and why is it inevitable for a good SEO campaign?

Keyword research helps you find out which keyword/s is/are used by your audience to find your products or services. For instance, if you are heading a shoe company in Houston then some of the popular keywords with which your users might be searching your products are:

  • Shoe companies Houston
  • Shoe companies in Houston
  • Shoes Houston
  • Best shoe companies Houston

Once you find out the search volume of each of the keywords you can plan your content in accordance so that your web page gets “seen” by the audience. The search volume of each keyword denotes the number of people, who have searched the respective keywords. Using keywords wisely makes it easier for an seo agency india or seo company Bangalore to engage better with the audience. If you are using popular keywords in your content (you cannot stuff your content unnecessarily with these keywords but have to insert them naturally in the informative piece) then there are chances of it being ranked higher in Google. Naturally, an increased number of users will visit your site and if you are able to offer them an interesting, error-free and useful piece of content then you can expect to hook them for a longer time to your website. And, who knows one or two might of them might just as well buy from you just because he/they is/are impressed with your content! So, in short, it might as well all start with the keyword analysis itself.

All the merits of the proper keyword research have been summed up in one paragraph itself:

  • It increases search engine rankings
  • It bolsters audience engagement
  • It lays the foundation for better search engine conversion rate


  1. Well, I have to say that keyword research for SEO is only more useful for content marketing, such as wanting to rank an inner post well on Google results. However, for main business’s keywords, there is only so much research one can do – because every other business would also be working on every keyword possible, so there are no real ‘easy’ keywords/phrases to work on for SEO, especially when it comes to local SEO.

  2. Nice article. I would suggest using long tail keywords, where the searches are lower than the main keywords, but the conversion rate is much higher.


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