While live bands or DJs are great options for a good time out, sometimes you just need a laugh. Comedy events and shows have grown in popularity as the pool of comedians available widens and deepens, offering laugh-out-loud entertainment fit for any event or venue.

If you’re looking to bring the chuckles to a venue near you, there are some things you should know to get you started.

Define Your Event

When thinking of who you want to book for your event, consider your audience first. Is this for a group that would love to hear mature jokes, or is it a family-friendly affair?

How big of a crowd do you expect, or want to draw? This will help determine what venue.

And, finally, will it be a one-day, one-hour, or multiple-day event? This will help you figure out how many acts you need to book to fill the anticipated time slot.

Choose an Appropriate Venue

Going off the answers above, research venues that are appropriate to your anticipated event time frame and audience size.

Venues should be able to have a specific type of seating layout arranged. In can be theatre style seating (in rows) or cabaret-style with tables. Either way, you’ll want to have as many people as you can closest to the stage, making it easier for the comedians to perform.

The stage should also be slightly raised, and at least two spotlights should be available for lighting.

If you are looking to provide more entertainment outside of the comedy talent, such as food vendors or other vendors, be sure the space is built for that as well.

Research Talent

There are so many incredibly talented comedians out there, some in your backyard and some who are national. Typically local talent is booked as the lead-up to a nationally acclaimed act.

Make sure the brand of comedy is what you’re looking for. Is it clean, corporate, geared for a nightclub, or something in between?

Also look to hire seasoned comedians, such as Angelique Bates, Sebastian Maniscalco, or Tom Segura.

Put Together a Promotion Plan

Once the basics are in place, turn an eye toward the best ways to promote the event. Come up with a memorable name and colour scheme that can be used in creating a logo and all graphic design pertaining to the event.

You’ll want to create a Facebook group or page dedicated to the event so people can be updated about what’s going on, and also share the event’s information with those in their network.

Talk to local businesses about promoting the event via flyers or other marketing methods. Look for those who would benefit from a comedy show in particular, such as restaurants and bars.

Set Up Ticketing

There are many options out there to help make the process of attendees buying tickets easier.

You want to look for a website that allows for selling tickets through a number of different online channels, employing sales and special offers when applicable, managing and reporting on ticket sales, and direct communication with buyers.


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