Planning to start a driving school? Well! It is a very good idea and is profitable too, but an intimate knowledge about the strict rules and regulations is required. Firstly you need to fill out a form in order to get the needed licenses before starting up the business. The start-up cost is a factor of concern but it is completely depending on the set up of your school. But surely you can make handsome money at the end. Get to know the few requirements before starting up your driving school.

Requirements That are Needed to Start-Up a Driving School:

  • A proper business plan: Before getting off with a driving school first have some good research about what location you should choose to establish your business. Check how many schools are already there and how well they are doing and advertising etc.  For example, you will find almost four driving school in Bangalore, Delhi and some big cities in one colony. it will surely help you in planning a good detailed business.

A business plan is an important tool to start off with a business and you should first determine the company’s ownership pattern and then number of vehicles that will be there, manpower is another concern. You can approach for a bank loan too.

  • Driving School Business Registration: Until and unless you have registered your business with the Government Authority of your location, you can’t take it off. In India registration can be done at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). A license will help you start the procedure of establishing your driving school. The authority will provide you the license that is to be needed in most of the countries.

You may need to deposit a amount as a deposit fees to the respected authority. A criminal background check is must other than a written and a practical test before getting the license.

  • Establishing Driving School: For starting up your driving school you need to find a right location. Considering the space in rent can also be done but while selecting the space for your driving school please sees for atleast one classroom and an office space inside the rented house. Parking facility is also an area of concern. Next will be to arrange up for vehicles for training.

There are many alteration and addition in the operating process of the vehicle. A second car is also a better option to execute or to hire cars on monthly basis. Proper skilled man power is very much needed, preferably experienced to teach. Verify his background and license. Take both written and practical exam. Offering good quality training will surely help you pull more students. The curriculum should be prepared in an easy and friendly way.

  • Get Candidates for Driving School: The more students you can get during the primary condition will assure you for more success. Promote your driving school on the exterior part of your training vehicles. Flyers and print media for ads also can be done. Promote it locally. Create logo and also image of your business. Set up a website and promote it on social media and various platforms. Tell people the benefits of being into your driving school.


  1. Thanks for the information on how to start a driving school business. It really is so important to find the right location for any business. How much parking would you suggest?

  2. I want know that how can I start a motor training school in Siliguri. I want to know the complete procedure and charges to open this school. Can you help me.


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