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Not long ago, data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence, and VSEO or voice search engine optimization were considered too ambitious and close to ridiculous concepts. But these trends are unquestionably among the top priorities for most marketers and business owners in 2020. 

And why wouldn’t they be a top priority? You have to adapt to the rapid developments in digital marketing if you have all the reasons to remain in today’s competitive online landscape. 

But when you are new to the vast world of digital media marketing, it can be hard to decide where you should focus first your efforts to reach those long-dream marketing goals. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what needs to be done first. 

Creating a successful online marketing campaign might seem challenging at first glance. Still, after understanding how content marketing, social networks, and inbound marketing really works, you should feel less anxious about how you can market your small business online.

What is a digital marketing campaign? 

A digital marketing campaign strategy refers to the overall plan for your campaign. This should contain your target audience, your approach, the actions you will take, and the campaign goals. Bear in mind that this sort of strategy has to be realistic, practical, achievable, based on a well-planned budget, available resources, and business targets. 

It goes without saying that a great digital marketing campaign makes an organization notable to its target audience. And while you want to be remembered only for the right reasons, it is essential to start reflecting on your campaign goals and your business mission as these have to inform you entry marketing strategy before beginning to draw attention to your organization with advertising. 

Learn to differentiate between goals strategy and tactics 

If you want to develop a successful marketing plan, it’s vital to understand the difference between your marketing goals, tactics, and strategy.

Once you understand it, you will be better prepared to adapt your current online marketing approach and conduct marketing strategy. Moreover, you will also be better able to decide and judge how to implement things you learn from numerous resources and articles that you might find in the future. How do I differentiate goals from strategy and tactics? 

Simply put, your business goal has to be the predominant result you are looking to achieve. As we previously mentioned, it is what you should focus on first. For example, a goal of yours might be to drive $200 per day in returns, through social media marketing. 

As for your strategy, it is what we call high-level thinking on how to achieve the goal. In turn, your digital market strategy might be to get potential customers using a conversation sequence, where they are eventually persuaded to buy your service or product. 

Lastly, your tactics have to be a well-defined set of actions you undergo to achieve your strategy. 

As you have probably seen in various media marketing contents, they do emphasize a set of tactics rather than goals or strategies. 

Understand your end target customer 

To increase your conversions in your business, you’ll have to figure out who exactly your end target customers are, what they want, what matters to them, and most importantly, what triggers them. Keep in mind that if your website target audience addresses to “to pretty much everyone,” this won’t bring you too much boost to your conversion.

Why understanding your end target customer matters? This will help you learn who those people are, how they label the service or products you offer, what they want, and how they choose or compare your products. Market research companies like Sapio Research can make this process easier for you.

Stick with one social media marketing channel or content marketing channel 

If you have just started to delve into the wide world of digital marketing, you need to understand why sticking with one social media or content marketing channel matters at the moment. This is important as it helps you keep things simple and easy. However, in the long term, and after you gain some experience, you won’t have to rely on a sole marketing channel as this can bring negative effects on your business.

Why? Numerous digital marketing channels tend to change their rules or even suspend your account, making your small business disappear overnight.

That being said, make sure you focus on a sole marketing channel or one social media strategy at the moment. And once you start seeing results, take into consideration working on multiple marketing channels to grow your marketing goals as soon as possible.    

Study your competitors to figure out how to use a marketing channel

This isn’t too easy, but once you have learned it, you will begin to understand what tactics are working best on your niche and which marketing channels suit you better.

For instance, if you are planning to do some content marketing, it might be a great idea to study which type of content is doing best in your niche so you can sort out your own content marketing strategy.

Using adequate keywords is vital for content marketing. Thus, if you want to get some of the best results, you’d better start researching to identify top-performing pieces and then start creating something of better quality.

In case you plan to use organic search as a marketing channel, it might help you if you start identifying the keywords that are bringing your competitors the most traffic and also keywords they have been avoiding.

To identify high and low competition keywords, consider tools such as SEO keyword magic tool, SEMrush.


To sum it up, the best way to succeed with your media marketing campaign is to build up a well-thought plan.

Also, all this time, when you are building up your plan, you should bear in mind the difference between your goals, tactics, and strategy; otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed, and you won’t progress. Study your industry and your competitor’s behaviors, so you can learn from the best.


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