Dealing with banks can be difficult, especially when you’re embroiled in financial turmoil. Often, even the best-known branches can view you coldly as but an investment, combing through your credit and expenditure histories to decide if they want to deal with you. It can be easy to forget during a chaotic life, but the way you splash your cash is judged behind closed doors.

Bankruptcy, whether by careless spending or bad luck, is where things start to come to a head. However, they needn’t stay that way for long and you’re certainly not alone in your struggle. It can seem like a contradictory statement, but it is possible to get a bank account when you are facing bankruptcy. Here’s how.

Perspective and Calm

It’s probably not the first thing you’d expect to see for advice on acquiring bank accounts, but your mental and emotional wellbeing is vital. Both need to be in a good condition before you perform any action or make anything resembling a sensible decision. To act recklessly during bankruptcy will set you back, not take you forward.

Consequently, it’s important to try and regain some composure, dignity and perspective before making your next move. Before you do anything, it’s important to get some expert opinions. If you’re bankrupt, then you likely can’t seek out a financial adviser, but do your own research all the same. Persist in finding some answers from a variety of sources, and a better future will start to assemble!

Basic Bank Accounts

Bankruptcy can be wrongly viewed as the ultimate end, but for some it’s just the beginning. It’s important to remember that you’re not down and out yet, or out of options. Now you’re in a positive frame of mind, it’s time to get to work. Get back on the saddle and get yourself a new bank account as soon as possible!

You can apply for a new bank account with any high street banker, so long as you’re in no debt from them. Be certain to mention your financial woes so that you can find a good fit, and do not under any circumstances ask for a current account. If you’re bankrupt there’s likely to be a glass ceiling for awhile financially, so make sure you stay beneath it for now.

Bank Accounts for the Bankrupt

Some banks can be cold and calculating and prioritise their interests over yours. It’s understandable to an extent, as if they’re too loose and free with handing out cash, chaos will soon follow on. However, others aren’t quite so ruthless in dealing with their customers, and it’s these places you should really work hard to find.

These kinds of banks offer bankrupt people another chance pick up the pieces and rebuild their credit score, especially by making repayments on any money borrowed. There’s no better protection out there in your situation. For example, Think Money make banking particularly easy by skipping the credit check completely, putting you back into action toward reigning in your finances. In the end, a fresh start was never cleaner.


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