Imagine graduating with flying colors and landing your first job. With youthful glee, you start your first day only to be ignored by yo

ur peers and reprimanded by your boss. What will you do? Will, you quit your job? While your initiation to the corporate world may have been a challenging one, rest assured that things will improve in due time as you prove your worth and develop your interpersonal skills.

What are the interpersonal skills?

These skills are a set of abilities that enable a person to work well with others. They include communication skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and teamwork.  

Communication skills involve not just knowing how to verbally and non-verbally share your thoughts, but also how to actively listen to others. 

Emotional intelligence shows how competent the person is in regulating his emotions and empathizing with others. 

The skill to resolve a conflict allows those involved to move forward by finding peaceful solutions to disagreements. 

Finally, the ability to work in a team enables the person to create an environment where everyone is working harmoniously to achieve the same goal.

Why is it essential to develop your interpersonal skills?

Staying in a company where no one likes working with you can make your life a living hell. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile to be accepted before you can be trusted. Developing your interpersonal skills will allow you to cultivate healthy relationships with others. 

Additionally, it will also help you in your productivity as a worker and possibly pave the way for you to take a step up the corporate ladder. Ultimately, cultivating your social skills is for your holistic growth as an individual. 

How do you develop interpersonal skills? 

While some may be gifted with innate social skills, the fact remains that the said skills can be developed through intentional and repeated practice. For instance, you can improve your communication skills by listening genuinely first to others before giving your own opinion. It will also help if you learn how to simplify your message and share it using the right tone of voice and body language. 

Emotional intelligence can be cultivated by being self-aware of your own emotions and trying to put yourself in the shoes of others. Knowing how to be resilient in the face of challenges can improve your emotional intelligence, too.   

While conflicts are inevitable, you can learn to resolve it better by staying calm and having a positive attitude at all times. Additionally, you can improve your teamwork skills by knowing your role, clarifying the goal, and setting aside your agenda.

Developing your interpersonal skills need not be an endeavor that you do alone. Matter is a trusted company that can help you improve these coveted skills for your professional advancement and personal fulfillment. 

Meanwhile, your workmates are people whom you will be spending most of your time. Your time with them need not be a struggle. By developing your social skills, you will be able to thrive in your company, cultivate healthy relationships in the process, and become a better version of you. 


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