Planning to become a real estate agent in India? If yes, then you career is going to glide up to great height fetching you hefty profits. But, this is only possible if you engage yourself in the right plans and procedures, and for this it is very important o have proficient knowledge about the field that you are planning to enter into. Real estate business includes a lot of risk and uncertainty, and on the other hand, you get to hold large responsibility of rendering the results exactly as promised.

Becoming a real estate agent in India could be a turning point in anyone’s career provided the right start is made. As like any other career option, a real estate businessman needs to come up with innovative ideas to excel in his field. But, the point is how to become a real estate agent. Before working on the strategy to become successful, it’s important to take the right start at the right time.

Customary requirements to become a real estate agent in India

Depending on various states and their norms, there are different customary requirements for starting up with a real estate business, but some of the basic requirements include the following

  • Depending on the state, an individual should be at least 18 or 19 years of age.
  • Should complete the required pre-license education (the hours are depending upon the norms of each stage)
  • Should pass the real estate license examination of the concerned state.

Basic Requirements For Real Estate Agent

The basic requirements to become a real-estate agent include the following:

  • Education qualification- it is very important to have the required educational qualification for becoming a licensed real estate agent. You could pursue the various pre-licensing courses that are meant to educate people who want to take their career forward in this field. However, depending on various states the required educational qualification may differ, so it’s advised to consult your state’s real estate commission to get the required information.
  • Choose a broker- Choose a broker to work with as trainer is the first step towards successful career ahead. Practice with a real estate broker and make sure you learn the various tactics of the business. This way you will also get to know about the market strategies and working format.
  • Get licensed- The next important step is to get licensed to carry on the legal business. For obtaining license, an individual is required to pass the state and national exams. You will also have to go through a criminal background check.
  • Develop a budget-  Develop a budget because a real estate business could not be started while just spending mere bucks. You will have to have a considerate amount for the various steps that are required to be done while becoming a real estate agent.
  • Make the real estate Agent Decision- You will have to join the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to have the title of a Realtor. For this you will have to attend a set of meetings, and meet brokerages.

Thus, this is the basic guide on how to become a real estate agent in India.


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