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Whether you have a physical store or run an eCommerce business, expanding your market outreach is a natural step when it comes to growing your business. For this reason, you may want to explore opportunities to market your products globally in order to attract customers in different parts of the world. 

In the current age of improved communication systems and efficient transportation networks, it is important that you leverage the right kind of opportunities and avenues and maximize your ROI when marketing internationally.  

To help you get started, we share the top tips to teach you how to market your products to an international audience with confidence in order to set you up for long-term growth and success. 

Use Paid Ads

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One of the most efficient ways to increase brand awareness while targeting a defined audience to get qualified leads is to use paid ads. Considering that paid advertisements have a 200% ROI, it only makes sense that they constitute a part of your international efforts. 

One of the best ways to take advantage of paid ads is by using Google since it has a majority share of the global search via search engines. You can either train your in-house marketing team to use Google Ads or hire a Google Ads specialist to tailor your Google Ads campaign by using the right keywords to maximize search engine results and generate leads for your business. 

Localize Your Website

An important aspect of expanding your business internationally involves making your website accessible to local customers. This process involves website localization, which is a process that involves tweaking your website in a way that meets the local language and culture of the customer base.

For instance, if you are a US-based company expanding to Japan, you would want to ensure that your website, and in extension your business, is well-placed to serve Japanese customers and meets their respective conventions and preferences. This can make global market expansion much easier and manageable by increasing market penetration, improving customer satisfaction, raising your business credibility, and increasing your competitive edge. 

Create An App

Nowadays, having a credible and trustworthy mobile app for your business is necessary to increase brand awareness and market penetration. A business app can help boost your brand’s accessibility to customers in different parts of the world and even create a community of loyal customers to help you increase your customer engagement. 

Make sure that your app is free to download and has a simple sign-up process, with the option to sign up via platforms such as Google or Facebook. Second, ensure that the app is available for both Android and iPhone users, and is regularly updated for bug fixes. Third, spend time creating an interactive UI to make app navigation simpler, easier, and intuitive for your customers. 

Be accessible 

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A major aspect of marketing your products to an international customer base involves improving and streamlining your customer service. This means not only being easily accessible to the customer, but maintaining a presence 24/7 so that customers from all over the world in different time zones can reach out to resolve their queries. 

Some ways to do this involve communicating with your customers in their local language and offering them the option to reach out to you via phone, email, or live chat at all times. Overcoming language and time barriers can greatly influence your conversion rates and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Focus On Your Payment And Shipping Methods

In order to push customers down the sales funnel, it is important that you make every step easy for them. This also applies to the payment and shipping options you offer. 

Focus on offering multiple secure payment options in local currencies and where possible, either offer free shipping or a flat rate. Try reducing the weight of your packaging to lower shipping costs and taxes incurred by the customers. Additionally, always provide tracking services for packages and regularly email them regarding their package once it is shipped. 

You would also benefit from partnering with a local courier company to reduce the overall shipping costs. This will yield a net positive impact by reducing the average rate of cart abandonment of international customers which usually happens owing to high shipping costs. 

Bottom Line

Growing and expanding your business on an international level is a challenging experience. It may even require you to offer training and development to your employees to adapt to different local markets and cultures. However, with the above guidance and a little help from specialist services, you can automatically be in a better position to profitably market your business products to an international audience. 


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