Sales acceleration is speeding the sales process to close deals faster and acquire better results. Software that accelerates sales streamlines the process mainly through task automation.

This software isn’t a single platform with everything in it; it combines multiple tools that help the sales team achieve success repeatedly. Here’s what you should know if you’re trying to wrap your head around the sales acceleration tool and how it works.

Conversation Software

Every call a sales representative makes to clients is recorded using this intelligence software. It’s a vital tool that allows the team to find the obstacles encountered along the way. The app picks up keywords within the conversations, which helps the managing team come up with solutions for combating objections.

Email Tracking Software

Nothing’s as frustrating as not knowing if your emails got to the intended people and if they were read. Having this information allows you to understand your next step. Email tracking software keeps you in the loop of things regarding email delivery.

This software comes in handy when sales reps want to know the level of engagement they receive from each email they send. It alerts you when the email is delivered and once the recipient reads it. Consequently, sales representatives understand the ideal email marketing outreach approach they can use to maximize results.

Enablement Software

Engagement is never enough to close a deal. The team in charge of sales needs to offer additional information that supports the pitch. Instead of rummaging through your computer to find other intel to give your pitch support, you can use the enablement software that saves every essential detail.

This app can quickly pull testimonials, case studies, and the company’s product solutions when the client requests them. Having this data at your fingertips allows you to capitalize on time, thereby convincing prospective clients quickly.

Thankfully, this tool also has a guide section showing you how to use the information and in what sequence during your pitch.

Proposal Management

While testimonials and other things used to close a pitch are helpful, the sales representative must have documents supporting the claims. These papers must go through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they have the correct information before they can be used to pitch to clients. Sales representatives can instantly share their proposals with the necessary people using this tool.

The sales acceleration tool also encompasses pipeline management tools, which help forecast the closeable deals. Sales managers use this software to track their teams’ progress and determine which members need help and in what specific areas.

Sales Coaching

If you’re a sales novice, the importance of sales coaching can’t be overemphasized. The sales coaching software allows the management team to listen in on conversations during the pitch. Consequently, they can give real-time insight on maneuvering the conversation in your favor to close the deal.

Aside from helping to fast-track the training process, this tool is also helpful in recording calls that can be used in meetings to find stress points during the conversation which require additional help.

Sales Engagement

Connecting with prospective clients is the primary goal of this software. The software automates sending emails, texts, follow-ups, or live chat communication. Instead of keeping up with communication manually, sales reps this tool allows them to follow up on clients through prior schedules.

The platform documents all previous conversations with each client, making it easy to reference a chat. And since everything is stored on the cloud or in secure data networks, assessing each representative’s performance is effortless.

Wrap Up

Sales acceleration software combines multiple tools to make closing deals much more effortless. It tracks all steps before, during and after the pitch and allows the managing team to train all sales members to optimize success rates.


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