Are you looking for additional freezer storage space for your food and beverages for an upcoming outdoor food show or catering event? Hiring a fridge and freezer trailer is the perfect option, especially if you’re looking for temporary storage or until the event is over. All you need to do is find a reputable company offering a fridge and freezer trailer for hire. Several factors should, however, be considered when looking to hire a freezer trailer. Outlined below are a few tips from FridgeXpress and what you should know (or do) for a smooth experience. 

1. Find A Trustworthy Company 

While there might be several companies offering the service, it would be advisable to look into each and only pick the most reputable of them. Take some time to research the company, the type, and size of trailers, their customer service, and what previous customers say. 

For example, companies with several years of experience in the sector, such as FridgeXpress, are a safer pick than newer ones. FridgeXpress has been around for more than 20 years, hence understanding the market better. Whether planning an outdoor event or needing the trailer urgently, the company will have it shipped, delivered, and set up, ready to go. You can thus rest assured of excellent service from these professionals. 

2. Ensure The Trailer Is Parked On Level Ground  

Make sure the trailer is parked on level ground once delivered. Freezer trailers are not only heavy but complex and delicate. The last thing you want is a lop-sided trailer, which can be a risk to those around it. You thus don’t want to risk it moving, nor do you want items stored in it sliding over in the shelves. Ensuring the trailer is level means drainage won’t be impacted, nor will delicate movable parts, such as the fan, be damaged. 

Scout for a safe place to park the freezer trailer. A flat parking lot near a power source is the ideal spot for the trailer. You might thus want to talk to the person responsible for the parking lot first before the trailer is delivered. Seek the necessary permissions to avoid last-minute disappointments. 

3. Keep The Trailer Door Shut At All Times 

The freezer trailer is simply a large refrigerator on wheels. You thus should treat and handle it the same way you would your fridge at home. That said, you want to keep the trailer door shut at all times. Only open the door when you need to pick or store something.  Keeping the door closed will help maintain the set temperature constant, preserving whatever is kept inside. The main reason behind hiring the freezer trailer was to keep your foods and beverages fresh. Leaving the door ajar even by a crack will allow warm air in, which could cause items to start defrosting or even lead to spoilage. Leaving the door open also means the fridge will draw large amounts of energy to maintain the set temperature. 

Most fridge and freezer trailers come with a lock, and some have a magnetic door to keep it shut when not in use. You, however, want to keep the trailer door locked, with only the authorized person’s allowed access. 

4. Avoid Moving The Trailer 

Despite the trailer having wheels and a towing point, it wouldn’t be advisable to tow or move it around unless necessary. Moving it around means it will have to be disconnected from its power source every now and then, affecting the ambient temperature inside. In addition to this, moving such a bulky trailer might damage its internals, hence not recommended. 

As mentioned before, fridge and freezer trailers can be, and are, heavy. They are thus meant to be towed by a powerful enough vehicle, a reason most companies will have the trailer delivered and even collect it once you are done. The companies do this to help make your life easier and help with setting it up.  

If hiring a freezer trailer for the first time, identify a flat area where the trailer will be parked and set up. The professionals will ensure that the trailer is appropriately set up and level, and safely secured to avoid incidents and accidents. A loaded fridge and freezer trailer can weigh several tons, which is quite heavy to be moved around. Let the experts handle everything from moving to setting it up. You can thus focus on what you do best, make everyone happy.


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