vaccine refrigerator

Does your pharmacy, clinic or medical practice need a vaccine refrigerator? If yes, you need to think of getting a new refrigerator that will serve you efficiently. There are many factors that you should keep in mind when deciding on a unit like safety and size among others. Below we highlight tips that will help you when selecting a vaccine refrigerator.

Even temperature distribution

Vaccines are kept at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius with a target of 5 degrees Celsius.  As a professional, you can’t put vaccines in any refrigerator. You can select among smart vaccine fridges. They offer one with even temperature distribution and helps you avoid any temperature breach by allowing you if there is a poor outage, door open or refrigerator failure.

Appropriate capacity

When choosing a vaccine refrigerator you need to have the capacity to store vaccines safely to meet peak demand. However, you should avoid over packing as this impedes cold air circulation and keeps the vaccines at great risk. For this reason, choose a larger vaccine refrigerator.

Alarm notification

Another item that you should keep an eye on while selecting a fridge is the alarm system. You should go for one that will enable you to get real-time alerts in times of emergencies and help you reduce the risk of vaccine spoilage. Alarm notification can also alert you via SMS if the temperature within the fridge is beyond the desired range. 

Data loggers

They are used for audits and show the recording patterns of vaccine fridge over time. You can consider buying a data logger at the same time as a vaccine refrigerator. They will help you record temperature reading at set intervals using an electronic method. This data is then downloaded via a computer.

It comes in handy when determining whether a refrigerator that has exceeded 8 degrees Celsius has done so less than the critical 15 minutes that are allowed. This may sound hectic to a busy person. Why not consider choosing a vaccine fridge which has automated data logging on an online portal. It will save you time and simplify your compliance.


While comparing prices of vaccine refrigerator, look at the warranty. There are fridges with warrants of up to 12 months and other with a 3-year warranty. Here you enjoy telephone support for any adjustments that vaccine fridge may need from time to time within the period.

Warranty covers for preventative maintenance which is carried out within the one year or 3 years. One can get a power surge protector and uninterrupted power supply fitted within the vaccine refrigerator.


While selecting a vaccine fridge one should go for the best in the market. Safety is the first priority while selecting a storage facility. This is what smart vaccine fridgesoffer. By following the tips above make sure you choose a fridge that uses the latest technology to store vaccines. Vaccine refrigerators need to be in line with national storage guidelines to make your immunization work easier.


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