What does an Expo mean? An Expo is a destination where people come in the number of millions to share their inventions, ideas and spread humanity through their inventions or acts. An expo lasts for 6 months and is held every 5 years. And this time it’s in Dubai. 2020 is the year on which everyone has kept his eyes because of the expo being held in Dubai.

Last time it was held in Milan, Italy where the theme was to feed the planet and energy for life. Inventions like solar trees, energy saving elevators was shown in the event which gave life to the technology and the environment.

Dubai’s Win to Host the Expo:

Fire shots were shot and the whole sky was full of the fireworks and colors when the Dubai won. Dubai had worked for 2 years. The bid reached 850 million on social media in the favor of Dubai.

Where Will the Expo Happen?

Near the Al Maktoum International Airport, in the area called “South Dubai,” Dubai will host the expo 2020. The site of the expo is around 4.48 squares kilometers and would be having 4 entrances to the expo. Dubai has planned everything about it and the Dubai Metro would take the passengers at the rate of 46,000 per hour. From Dubai Marina, it would take 16 minutes to reach the expo.

Guess What You Would See at the Expo 2020 Dubai:

The theme of the expo is focused on the future and connecting the minds to create it. Al Wasl plaza would be the main place where people from all around the world would come to share their ideas. Events like Opening and closing ceremonies would take place at Al Wasl. The projection of the Al Wasl was given as a first look to the people. The 360 degrees view was installed to show the visitors inside and outside.

The dome at the Al Wasl is 150 in diameter and has a whopping height of 65 meters. The dome is expected to hold around 10,000 at a time. Each country around the world would have their own personal pavilion for the showcase on the themes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. The dome would have fountains, parks, and even a waterfall and would open up to the sky on top.

The Site of the Expo 2020:

The sheikh of Dubai has shown the site by a video which had a bird’s eye view of the area which would host expo 2020. The site would see millions of visitors and the area specified for particular events could be easily seen in the video.

There would be parking made to be able to withstand the parking of around 30,000 cars at a time. The three major pavilions would be made according to the theme and the contracts would be given to make them this year.

The Legacy of the Expo 2020 at Dubai:

dubai Expo 2020

The plans of the expo are ambitious. Dubai plans to ensure the development of the knowledge within the indulgence of students, corporations, organizations, technology companies and would attract a lot of visitors.

The Expo 2020 is aimed to bring out the most of the technology for the welfare of the planet. By this much knowledge economy created at the expo, there would surely be developed in accordance with the technology. It is planned to reuse the 80 % of the site for the legacy phase.

Dubai is also planning to set up its logistics base at the expo 2020 location from 2021. What could be the more fruitful use of the area after this global event? Dubai World trade center will operate the exhibition and the conference center. This is a major event planned at the expo and is the part of the expo 2020 master plan.

Expo 2020 development of the site has given a kick to the development at South Dubai.  Property analysts say that the area around the site has seen a 285 % of kick off the Off-plan sales. After the expo, the site is said to be the home of the 1,000,000 residents with the creation of 500,000 jobs. What’s more in the box is that even the flying cars would be tested at Expo 2020.

The Logo of Expo 2020:

The logo of the expo 2020 is inspired by the historical founding of the 4000 years old ring at the site of Al Marmum. The Dubai Sheikh says that this is the symbol of the deep roots of our civilization.

Parts of Expo

In a registered exposition like this, the 2020 expo spends 6 months in the field, adhering to the worldly theme that is applicable to the rest of humanity. The exhibitors are usually in three major divisions including the themed, national pavilions and the rest.

Themed pavilions:

  • The 21st Century
  • Knowledge
  • Future of Labour
  • Planet of Visions
  • Human
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Communication
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility and
  • Basic Needs

National Pavilions:

As for this, there are around 155 countries that participate in the expo. Be it showcasing the heritage and history to the advancement the countries have attained in the technology or simply, their traditions or efficiency in any field will be showcased. Most people find this as an interesting part of the expo.

The Rest:

If you are still thinking the above-mentioned are interesting, wait for the best part, which marks as one of the most dazzling factors of the entire expo. Starting from the planet pavilion to exhibiting a fashionable car’s efforts in making the environment a safe place for the humans to live in to the natural and the regional funding opportunities, there are much more to settle for.

Impact of the Dubai Expo 2020:

Not just the looks, Dubai Expo gives us much more to talk about.

impact of expo 2020 dubai

Starting from the construction industry, since Dubai acts as the architectural fantasy for most people, many many construction contracts have been signed in billions of dirhams and the expo 2020 provides the space to execute the plan.

In addition, the foreign investments are expected to grow rapidly high, considering the huge number of investors who walked in to be a part of the Dubai 2020 Expo. In fact, Dubai is already in the list of most preferred places for financial investment for foreigners. However, if you are investing in the same for the first time, then a financial advisor is preferred.

Tourism in Dubai, as we already know, is flourished. With the expo and the alluring looks it plans to provide, Dubai is expected to have more number of tourists in the span of half a year. Considering the hospitality, the numbers might just double and that is why many new hotels are now being constructed to accommodate the tourists.

Final Words

Overall, the Dubai Expo 2020 is simply a global event that combines the best in the industries to educate the public, reveal their innovation in a progressive manner and foster collaborations. Here, the host country being Dubai, they invite all the companies, other countries, global organizations, general public and the civil society to make the most out of the expo.

Dubai, being one of the well-known countries for the architectural elegance they put through, the participation here is high and the people just walk-in to enjoy the looks the expo provides.


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