Red Hat RHCSA EX200 is a hands-on exam that tests whether Red Hat Certified Engineers have the relevant skills, ability, and knowledge. You need to have a valid Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification to sit for this exam. Passing this test demonstrates your ability to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux server technologies.

Exam Details

Question Types: This exam is made up of hands-on assignments that simulate real-world Red Hat Enterprise Linux application processes. You should prepare for the examinations with the help of some essentials tools and simulators. For information of latest questions updates and number of questions from each chapter, you should visit this website for more details.

Number of Questions: This exam comprises of between 10 and 15 assignments. 

Passing Scores: You need to score 210 points out of a possible 300 to be awarded this certification.

Time Limit: You have 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the EX200 certification exam.

Registration: You can do online registration for the Red Hat RHCSA certification test. Beware that in some locations, registration is possible only through Red Hat authorized training centres.

5 Tips for Passing the EX200 Exam

Tip # 1: Leverage Official Study Guides

This is one of the most important tips you could ever get. Keep it in mind that there are many study resources available however not many are credible. This is why you should rely on official Red Hat resources. With these books, you’ll increase your knowledge, as well as develop advanced skills. Armed with these skills and knowledge, you can successfully pass this certification test. 

Tip # 2: Avoid Spending Too Much Time Studying         

Remember that this exam is a performance-based test. Its objective is to test whether you have the practical skills to administer a Red Hat server system. Though you need to read and study these books, avoid spending most of your time covering material. Preferably, you should spend 20% to 25% of your time on reading study materials and the remaining time – on perfecting your practical skills.

Tip # 3: Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

Practicing before sitting for the RHCSA exam is the single most important activity for passing the test. Try as much as you can to link your theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

For instance,after reading the server configuration topic, you should practice with a Red Hat system. Doing so will let you link knowledge to actual operating parameters. In this way, you can identify your weaknesses, as well as areas in which you need to practice more.

As the RHCSA exam also covers similar areas, you are sure to get more experience in solving problems. Most importantly, you should spend more time on implementing solutions using the knowledge you gained from reading study materials. Ideally, you should allocate 70% of your time to hands-onpractical training.

Tip # 4: Create a Schedule

The RHCSA EX200 exam questions cover challenging topics requiring that you adopt a strategy to help you study and pass it. Making a plan lets you identify which topics and skills to focus on. Accordingly, create a plan that will let you accommodate plenty of hands-on practice.

Tip # 5: Solve Sample Exam Walkthrough

Solving the complete exam walkthroughs is an important way of preparing for this tests. Sample RHCSA EX200 tests provide you with actual exam experience and also let you anticipate what to expect during the test. Additionally, solving sample tests helps in letting you evaluate your knowledge and skills. Plus, you get to identify which areas you’re weak and possible solutions for correcting any deficiencies you might have. 

Training Resources for the EX200 Exam

  • One important resource for use in preparing for this testis the Red Hat RHCSA/RHCSA 7 Cert Guide from PearsonIT Certifications. In it, you’ll find authoritative content, numerous lab exercises, and sample exam walkthroughs. Effectively applying these resources will help you perform well during the exam.
  • Leverage Pearson’s IT Certifications Complete Video Course. This resource contains excellent video tutorials covering every aspect of the RHCSA X300 exam. Also, it has plenty of interactive quizzes and exercises. What’s more, Pearson’s Complete Video Course video questions offer you the experience of the actual exam environment. 
  • Participatein the Red Hat Certified(RHCSA)ExamPrep Video Workshop. With this resource, you’ll gain knowledge of difficulties, pit falls, and traps of this exam. Plus, its excellent collection of real instruction and student Q&A’s let you participate in real exam workshops without attendant time and costs commitments. Use this exam workshop as your final test prep guide after you have covered the RHCSA EX200 course content.

Best Websites for the EX200 Exam


Recently, EdX introduced the Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux training program. This course relies on Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 7 as its model. In this course, you’ll cover topics like Red Hat Linux server configuration, introduction to system administration, the fundamentals of open source software, as well as the role of Linux in today’s digital environment. 


This is another excellent RHCSA learning website. Here you’ll find a live Red Hat system configured using RHEL 7.0, RHEL 7.1, and RHEL 7.2. At the bottom of this website,there is a link to the sample of the RHCSA exam. This course lets you cover material, such as system configuration and management, DNS configuration, network services, HHTPS/HTTP, NFS, SMB, NTP,andSSH. 


A most comprehensive website for use in preparing for the RHCSA EX200 test. It has a well-detailed exam objective section, sample exam paper, instruction on configuring a master name server, and more. Additionally, CertDepot regularly publishes informative articles regarding advanced and basic Red Hat topics.


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