Technical analysis is an important component of forex trading. Making trades in the right direction means following the momentum of the markets. Deciphering the momentum is only possible through thorough technical analysis. Technical analytics tools give traders an advantage – multifold trading patterns followed with strong swing signals help traders to make the right move.  EconomyPair Review strongly boasts of successful trading journey backed with excellent trading signals. The criticality of technical analysis will be discussed in-depth as we delve deeper into 4 crucial technical analysis tools too. 

Why is technical analysis important in Forex trading?

The forex trading is backed by strong technical movements on a global level. The global events drive a lot of forex movements, as the foreign currency is bought & sold simultaneously. Forex trading is highly dependent on the short-term gains, thus fundamental analysis is not the right way to move forward. 

Technical analysis is much more involved with finding the right entry & exit points. With the help of technical analysis, trading signals are generated. EconomyPair has a broad set of technical indicators that make trading simpler & more seamless. It ensures that the right stop loss is selected based on which you don’t end up losing a large amount of money if the trade goes wrong.

Another reason why technical analysis becomes very important is the ability to capture fast movements. Quick movements in the stock market can be seamlessly captured, thus the direction of the swing trade can be analyzed too. Swing trading is important when it comes to Forex market. With the help of technical analysis, the right direction can be discovered hence, swing trading becomes a possibility. 

Key technical analysis tools in

The brokerage platform has a list of technical analysis tools that helps you to gauge the market movement. Based on this market movement either you can enter a trade or exit it. Some of the key technical tools that are available are:

  1. Exchange ticker: This technical analysis tool helps you to watch the movement of foreign currencies. Moreover, you can also track the movement of cryptocoins. There is a technical chart available for every coin present there along with different technical analysis tools. This makes it really seamless to gauge the market movements.
  1. Market quotes: Find out the latest market quotes across different instruments & derivatives in this section. You can click on any of the stocks/options/coins & find out the movement based on different time frames.
  2. Crypto market: Get a detailed analysis of the crypto coins along with their current holding, price and number of available coins. Track the change in the prices too with the percentage change being displayed. 
  3. Technical analysis: Get a buy all sell signal for specific stocks based on the market tracker being displayed. You can change the time frame in order to understand the price movements on a historical level.

Bottom line

EconomyPair is one of the most reliable brokerage platforms for forex trading. With their customer service team available all the time, it comes in as breath of fresh air – Sign up with them right away – and make the most of them.


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