Christina Sponias is one of the leaders when it comes to curing mental illnesses that cannot otherwise be treated normally. Christina Sponias has taken forward the research on human psyche propounded by Carl Jung. She has basically simplified the scientific method that is interpretation of dreams. This method teaches you the exact way in which you can translate the meaning of the dreams that you have. This method will allow you to be better in terms of mental health and also be wiser and happier in the process.

christina sponias


She became a dream expert in 1988 and this allowed her to understand the meaning of the words that came from god and she did not face any problem in this. According to her, the practice is entirely different from penning down the stories and poems that god sent her by way of magical inspiration. However, she did see that there was some likeness between the meaning of the poems that she believes god sent to her and the meaning of the dreams that she translated. According to Christina Sponias both had the same divine wisdom since both had been created by lord almighty.

She thought she was a prophet even though she never took cognizance of the fact. She never thought that a literary person like her would one day be able to unravel the workings of the human brain and find cure to mental illness. She says that she is able to deal with mental illnesses that even the most seasoned medical practitioners are unable to cure. According to her, she was able to do all that only because she did everything that god asked of her, even if at time she had to do it against her wishes. Even though she suffered in this ordeal she bore with it since she wanted to go along with god’s wish of saving human beings from their crazed and desperate state.

When she discovered the true nature of human beings she found out that they were very incorrigible and absurd as well. She always believed that god had to see that he was wrong in entrusting her with such a major responsibility and let her rest rather than let her carry on with what seemed to be an arduous and onerous task. However, she never had any doubt regarding god’s righteousness. She also agrees that she was always wrong when she decided to go up against the wisdom of god.


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