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Believe it or not, nobody likes talking about this. The majority of the SEO experts in Dubai are wishy-washy at their best. They sugarcoat things like nobody’s business. Worst yet, they end up being the biggest time suck for our online business. Not to forget the fact that they rob us of our hard-earned money as we get deceived by their fallacy of knowing every bit of SEO.

Let’s face it; losing both time and money is a hard pill to swallow. Little by little, it kills us from the inside. The goal of this article is to help business owners get through the haze and come out on the other side with a better understanding of how to identify fake SEO firms in Dubai. Basically, we will give you 12 tips to identify best SEO agency in Dubai without the elbow grease involved in the process.So, let’s press on:

#1. Beware of Tall Claims

One of the surefire ways to identify a fake SEO company in Dubai is to pay close attention to their laundry list of promises. Any company that guarantees top ranking in few weeks or 30 days should trip the BS alarm in your head. Remember, SEO is not black magic. You can’t just tiptoe your way to the top. In the majority of the cases, SEOs need at least 3-6 months to help your business scale up the ladder of success in the online arena and then see the possible benefit. Like lambs to the slaughter, don’t fall for fake promises that assure you of ultra-fast results.

#2. Check Deliverable List

Here’s an eye-opener for you. The deliverable list will reveal a lot about the quality of the backlinks generated to your site. Promising as they may look, don’t get caught up with a report that has hundreds of links in it. In today’s age and time, any webmaster worth his salt will tell you to go for quality over quantity. It’s a bit old-school to advertise your site on hundreds of social bookmarking and directory submission sites. Even if you have only one dollar left in your wallet, stay away from SEO companies that promise to beef up your rankings by blasting hundreds of links to various social networking platforms. If you don’t know yet, it’s a surefire way to build a premature coffin for your website.

#3 Check their Website Ranking

Be ready: here’s a rapid-fire round for you. Would you go to a toothless dentist? Would you go to a doctor’s clinic whose office plants are all dead? Without missing a heartbeat, we can already imagine the “yuck” look on your face. Well, then why do people rush towards SEO companies in Dubai that are unable to rank their personal website in the first place? Isn’t this a thought worth pondering? So, judge the company by the fruits it is able to produce. Over here, the best way to judge the company’s efficiency is to check their website’s ranking. If they are nowhere to be seen in the search engines, they aren’t worth anything more than a coffee break for you or your business.

#4. Check for References

While hiring an SEO expert, it’s essential to perform a reference check to make sure that the information provided to you is not bullshit. In other words, you will be validating the information by performing a reference check before falling head over heels for an SEO service. Valid references will work as a vote of confidence for you. On the other hand, if the SEO Company seems reluctant in providing references, the chances are that you are dealing with a run-with-the-money company. So, don’t be blinded to this crucial consideration and seek relevant references at all times.

#5. Check for Online Reviews

Remember, search engine optimization is a major task. So, you can’t afford to rely on vague information or guesswork over here. Your best bet would be to perform a Google search for the company in question and find links that talk about the SEO Company, be it negative or positive. Researching online reviews is a road-tested method to spot the scam, smell the rat, and to figure out the rotten apples in the lot. Believe it or not, some of the reviews can be quite detailed and highly revealing as well. So, they will help you come up with a well-informed decision.

#6. Test Them Out

Before you reach out to your wallet, you must test the service provider. Have them take a look at your website to get their inputs for the same. Seek their recommendation to list out 4 to 5 SEO changes on your site. For an experienced company, this shouldn’t be a science project. So, don’t think that you are putting them in a tight spot before spending a dime. Remember, they don’t have to fix anything, but the idea is to make them identify the things that are wrong with your site in its present form. If they can’t find anything wrong at all, the probability is that they aren’t that good at SEO. So, don’t forget to test the waters before going bonkers for any SEO expert in Dubai.

#7. Start Small

No fortune teller can tell you in advance if the SEO company will be able to keep its promise or not. Therefore, a reasonable amount of caution is a must over here. So, don’t bestow the SEO firm with a fleet of projects at once. Slow SEO has not killed anyone. Your best bet would be to start with a small project. If you think that things are moving in the right direction, feel free to pull the trigger and offer them more work. The idea is to be easy on your wallet and your mental health. Even if things were to go wrong, you wouldn’t be left with a migraine-sized headache by starting small.

#8. Separate the Low-Ballers

SEO is a serious business. It’s not a secretive art, but it’s far more complex than what it appears from the outside. So, don’t fall for the dirt cheap prices. If you take the cheapest route, you will be at your wit’s end sooner or later. Frankly speaking, don’t expect an SEO company to make you tens and thousands of dollars every month for a couple of hundred bucks. If SEO were that cheap,there would have been far less part-time employees in McDonald or Uber. We aren’t saying that discounted SEO is always a bad idea. However, the worthiness of low-ball SEO is very slim.

#9. Outsourcing Diligence

Let’s cut to the chase. The majority of the SEO projects are outsourced to third parties. If you happen to run into such an SEO company in Dubai, you will be left clueless about who is actually working on your website. Moreover, it would be hard to expect high-quality deliverables when your work is outsourced to some random company operating from some far-fleet corner of the world. If their SEO experts mess up, you will be all nuts for no fault of yours. So, make sure to hire an SEO firm that has an in-house team of SEO experts because they will do their best to retain you as a client. Simply put, you can expect better results from an SEO agency with an in-house team.

#10. Research the Company

The more you know the company, the higher are your chances to strike gold. So, try to find out as much information as you can about the SEO Company in Dubai. Check how long they have been in the SEO business. Find out what their previous customers have to say about them. Also, analyze how responsive and professional they have been so far. Are they willing to share progress reports? Do they pick up your call during business hours? Are they able to handle the growth? Do they indulge in shady techniques? Basically, research the company from top to bottom before you give them a thumbs up.

#11. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Stay away from SEO companies that convince you to resort to black hat strategies for quick results. If you want to stay in the business for the long haul, black hat strategies won’t cut the deal for you. Therefore, don’t let them cut corners for you because they won’t have much to lose over here. Sooner or later, Google will be punching you in the gut. Basically, Google will make you pay the price for indulging in malicious SEO activities by pushing your site behind in the search pages. So, don’t be all ears to an SEO company that’s pushing you to follow the dark route. If you value your business, it pays to cast a blind eye to lectures on black hat techniques.

#12. Proven Track Record

At the end of the day, you need to hire a company with proven track record. So, don’t be a charity case. You don’t have to hire an upcoming SEO company in the hopes that they would do wonders out of the blue. If it helps, remind yourself that you are not in the charity business. You have a company to run and several mouths to feed. Also, just because a person knows about SEO doesn’t mean that he/she can rank your website. Knowledge and performance has to go hand-in-hand in the SEO industry. So, if they don’t have proven track records of ranking on the web, you are better off leaving them to their own fate

Final Words:

From the business standpoint, we can say that birthdays were created to sell greeting cards. Along the same lines, we can state that search engine optimization is needed to sell SEO services. Basically, SEO is a necessary evil in today’s age and time. Therefore, if you want your site to prosper tomorrow, you will have to choose the right SEO expert today. After all, an SEO company can make or break your online business. So, feel free to soak up all the information given above to separate the best SEO Company in Dubai from the rest without the usual struggle.


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