Anish Projects – An Independent Real Estate Company



Anish Projects – An independent real estate company with an illustrious work profile.

Bangalore, Karnataka – March 12, 2015 – Anish Projects is a leading company in Bangalore known for heading some of the best residential projects in the city. It is an independent organisation in its own right and has full autonomy when it comes to carrying out important project related decisions. While certain sources suggest that Anish Projects is closely related to Amoda, it is however not true and so any news associated with the latter is not applicable to Anish Projects.

In the recent times, Amoda has been accused of carrying out fraudulent activities when it comes to buying and selling of properties. The practices adopted by Amodasprings have been widely criticized as being unethical and not being up to the mark. Numerous customers have complained about being victims of such practices. In some websites, Anish Projects has also been closely linked with Amoda, implying that such unfair means of conducting business are being practiced by Anish Projects as well. There is no truth to this claim and Anish Projects is still one of the most bankable and reliable names in the world of real estate in Bangalore.

Ever since they first ventured into the world of real estate, Anish Projects has been known for delivering astounding quality of services to all buyers looking to spend in high end real estate solutions. Their diligence and farsightedness has enabled them to combine age-old reliable concepts of real estate development with the futuristic vision of what a cityscape should look like. This leads to the development of truly world class projects that provide people with top notch facilities. The engineers, designers and management professionals working with Anish Projects help them to create a real estate project from scratch and then take it to its completion stages with practical wisdom in these fields.

Anish Projects has a longstanding industry experience to make sure that each and every aspect of the project is carved out with total precision. They have worked on numerous large and small projects and this has led them to develop a diversified portfolio that they can boast of.

Added Advantage is the clear title and all the required approvals from the competent authorities


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