An Organized Self-drive Car Renting Option in Pune


Self-drive car renting services have taken some time to reach Pune, but the good part is that they are finally here. There are a number of organized self-drive car renting companies in Pune that have made car rentals smooth and hassle free. Whether you are living in Pune or travelling there for leisure or work, you can now easily check out one of Pune’s self-drive car renting options whenever you feel you need a set of wheels. Some of the great features that self-drive car renting companies in Pune are offering to their customers include:

A Wide Variety Of Cars: Self-drive car renting firms in Pune are offering a wide variety of cars to choose from. Based upon your needs and requirements, you can select from hatchbacks, sedans, luxury cars and SUVs.

Convenient Bookings: Self-drive car renting companies in Pune are letting customers book their cars online on their site. You can now book a car from the comfort of your home, and let the car rental company know how long you need a car for and where you will pick and drop it. Of course, you also get to choose your set of wheels online, so that once you go to pick up your car, all you have to do is take the keys, and just zoom off.

Flexibility: You can now rent a self-drive car from an hour to a month or more, depending upon your needs. From grocery shopping to weekend trips, self-drive car rentals are the way to go. This kind of flexibility makes rental cars a great option for those who need cars just occasionally as well as for those who want to keep a set of wheels with them while they are touring Pune.

Multiple Pick Up And Drop Points: With organized car rental companies having multiple pick up and drop points all across the city, you can easily find one that is located near your home or office.  For e.g., Zoomcar, Pune’s leading self-drive car renting firm has 14 pickup and drop points in convenient locations across the city.

Inclusive Costs: The good part about renting your self-drive car in Pune from an organized player is that they come with an all inclusive charge and no hidden taxes. No matter whom you are renting from, it makes sense to ask if fuel, insurance and taxes are included in rental charges or not. If you are hiring from one of the better companies, they are going to be!

Driving Extras: There are a number of small things that can make your driving experience comfortable, or not so comfortable. Having a vehicle that comes with roadside assistance, all India permits and comprehensive insurance lets you leave worries behind and enjoy your drive. Also make sure that your self-drive car rental comes equipped with a GPS navigation system.

As of now, ZoomCar is the pioneer self-drive car renting company in Pune that offers more perks and better services than its competitors. The deposit required is minimal, and fixed to just Rs.5000 for all kinds of cars, their eligibility criteria are customer friendly and they have a fleet that has options for all your needs. The next time you are looking for an organized and hassle free self-drive car renting option in Pune.


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