In a world full of screens and smartphones, we feel it’s even more important to be strong advocates for children playing outdoors. Unfortunately, playground areas in some areas are few and far between, but they are an essential part of child learning and development. 

To enhance learning and entertain your child for many more hours, we suggest having an area or structure for your child to play in, such as a playground tower which gives your children somewhere to let their imagination run wild. They are a dedicated play space, useful in wet or sunny weather that gets your little ones out into the fresh air while reducing screen time. 

Added benefits include teaching children responsibility for a space of their own while encouraging independence. 

So not only is a garden playground tower an excellent place for fun, but it can also assist in socialising, learning reasoning, and imaginative play.

Get Started

A few things to consider for your playground tower selection are your child’s age, their developmental stage, how they play, and their interests. These points and more all influence your decision on what type of playground tower you want. For example, a single story may be more appropriate for a toddler, while a two-storey or tower structure may be better for an older child. 

The next consideration would be your available space and budget for a playground tower. Do you have a large garden with ample room for a large structure, or is something smaller more appropriate? Another consideration if you want a large playground tower, will your local council require you to have planning permission?

Choosing Your playground tower

Then there is the question of what your playground tower is made out of. For example, a wooden playground tower is more durable and will last longer than a plastic one, but it may also require ongoing maintenance to avoid snags and splinters. However, wooden playground towers have the benefit of being able to be repainted and customised as your child grows, too, so you need to weigh up all the options. Your choice will also be influenced by your aesthetic, whether you prefer to paint or stain, and how durable your playground tower needs to be.

Remember to Be Safe

Finally, there is the all-important matter of safety. Is where you want to put your playground tower near danger, like a patch of nettles, kid unfriendly plants, or a ditch? Is it possible in the area you have chosen, to level the ground for a stable playground tower base? Is there enough room around the playground tower for access? Can drainage be made to avoid marshy ground that will contribute to rotting? Is there a line of sight from your house for supervision?

Sovereign Design Play Systems Can Help

For over 20 years, Sovereign Design Playground Equipment has had the same focus – to create outdoor play and learning environments that excel in every aspect of safety. Reach out to us for guidance, a free consultation, design advice, or a personalised quote. Alternatively, see our online brochure for more unique ideas.


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