If you’re thinking of enhancing your business, productivity should be one of the first things on your schedule. The more efficient your company is, the larger you can grow and the more profit you can make.

Technology systems and software play a significant role in this. There are so many innovations that can help you streamline your operations – you just need to know where to get started.

Below, we will talk about eight ways your business can improve productivity with technology.

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Enhanced Scheduling 

Scheduling your employees and the jobs that need to be done can undoubtedly be challenging, especially when running a large business. Luckily, technology can make things easier for both your management team and employees.

By buying a digitalised system to streamline the cleaning management of the business, for instance, the business can run more efficiently. Most cleaning software allows staff members to quickly see the tasks they need to do daily and weekly. This is much more effective than a piece of paper that may get lost.

Communication and Collaboration

Nowadays, office spaces are becoming smaller and smaller as more people learn to embrace remote working. While beneficial, productivity can be impacted due to the increased flexibility and lack of monitoring.

This is where communication and collaboration platforms come in handy. Despite being in separate locations (even on other sides of the world), employees can work together on tasks and share information in a matter of minutes.


Outsourcing is a way for your business to hire specific services outside of your company rather than training new employees. This can reduce costs, saves time, and gives you access to experienced professionals.

There are many platforms out there that help you access a pool of talent. Fiverr is well known for freelancers, but there are other companies to take into consideration too. For instance, you might look into hiring a payroll team or an external marketing group.


Indeed, one of the most incredible uses of technology in business is automation. Instead of having staff handle repetitive tasks, software tools take care of all the hard work.

This doesn’t just save time but keeps morale high as your employees aren’t wasting their energy. From responses to reminders and even automatic marketing campaigns – it certainly is interesting to see how far we have come. There are also tools for back office automation that can greatly help your business workflow.

Training and Education

Well-educated employees are more productive. Therefore, a learning management system can be an excellent way to ensure that your team is working at their very best.

Alongside staying up to date with the latest knowledge, they can further their skills and work towards obtaining new qualifications. There are also tools out there that allow you to audit your employees so that you know what areas need improvement.


Having to go through multiple routes to get a file or document is highly inconvenient for team members, especially when working in a large office. In addition, a lot of time is spent waiting for forms to be printed or approved.

Digital libraries and platforms allow your employees to access what they need themselves so that they can get back to work instantly. In most cases, you can even set up accessibility so that private documents are only available to the authorized staff.

Safety and Security

Downtime or a security breach can cause some of the most devastating and long-lasting effects on a business. Unfortunately, technology has made data vulnerable, but thankfully, it has also made it more secure.

Things such as anti-virus software and VPN’s work to ensure that hackers cannot access your accounts. They also identify weaknesses so that you can continue to reduce the risk of threats and ransomware attacks.  

Hiring and Onboarding

Lastly, as you may already be aware, the hiring and onboarding process can be an incredibly extensive process. It can take months before you finally select and train the right candidate if you’re lucky.

While there will always be some steps that you have to do manually, there are ways that technology can help. Systems can screen potential applicants, and, as we mentioned, there are digital learning tools to help them learn the ropes quickly.

Final Words

And that’s it! These are eight ways that your business can improve productivity using technology. By integrating the different systems above, you can ensure that your operations run as smoothly as possible. It may seem challenging to get used to the many changes at first, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Good luck!


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