Donate for Good

When people think about donations, their minds often think of two things: clothes and money. After all, Goodwill is a great place to go for secondhand clothes and is always a go-to spot for those looking for ugly Christmas sweaters or goofy clothing.

Money is obvious, everyone can use the money!

But did you know that there is a place in Utah car donation? It’s much more than just cars though and this article will run down a few things that you can donate.

1. Books

There can be nothing better than sitting with a good book on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, is there?

Books, after one finishes reading them, often end up on shelves and collect dust until you get rid of them or try to sell them.

However, there are many programs available where you can donate books. Prisons are often looking for book donations and schools often accept books to donate to underprivileged children.

2. Cellphones

Everyone is looking for the greatest and latest cell phone with the best camera and memory capacity. Old cell phones or flip phones often get left behind, but many places take phones and recycle them.

So if you have a few old phones lying around, don’t toss them in the trash but take them to a place to be recycled and re-used.

3. Computers

Much like cellphones, you would probably sell your old computer when it’s time for an upgrade. In fact, Goodwill has partnered with Dell to take those old computers to be recycled. 

It’s not just computers, but also the old mouses and keyboards as well. Don’t throw them out, instead, take them to a donation spot.

There are plenty of Goodwills around Utah that you can find, with the biggest being in Salt Lake City.

4. Cars

Instead of taking your car down to the chop shop or swapping it for another one, you can go to a Utah car donation drive.

Your car doesn’t have to be in the greatest shape, and you can receive a tax deduction of up to $500 or the value of the car, whichever is higher. 

Donating a car can be a lot to ask, but if you’re capable of doing it, then it’s highly encouraged to do so!

5. Glasses

There are all kinds of glasses out there, and while a pair of reading glasses can cost just a few bucks, there are plenty of programs that take these glasses and distribute them to underdeveloped countries.

If you’re the average American, you probably have a few extra pairs of reading glasses saved that can be used by someone who is less fortunate in the world.

6. Foreign Currency

You go to another country, exchange your USD for the local currency, and then you’re left with some pocket change at the end of your trip.

Unless you’re a coin collector, there’s probably not much use for a handful of random coins.

Instead, you can donate it to UNICEF, who will send that currency back to its original country where it can be distributed among lower-income households.

7. Mattresses

You spend one-third of your life sleeping, so help someone else make sure they’re getting a great night’s rest by donating your mattress. Plenty of places accept mattresses, and there are even some non-profits that are built around getting people mattresses.


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