When it comes to getting their automobiles cleaned, customers have a variety of options. You’ll want to step up your game to entice more vehicles to pull into your bays, since there are attendant-operated car washes, completely automatic car washes, vehicle detailing services, and other alternatives available.

Below we have mentioned 7 car wash signage ideas that can bring a lot of customers to your shop.

Things To Do:

1. Include your business logo and company name

It’s surprising how often business owners fail to include their logo and company name on every sign. Just because you’re putting the sign up on your property doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it to promote your business.

2. Use high-resolution images

Graphics that are pixelated or fuzzy have no place on your posters or brochures. Ensure that any graphic or image you employ has a high resolution to ensure that the edges are clear and realistic. Taking the effort to do so will also make your car wash signs appear more professional.

3. Always use the same colors and fonts.

You’ll almost certainly have multiple signs on your property. To preserve uniformity, work on your branding by settling on a single font, color scheme, and overall theme. 

4. Offer subscription options

Car wash owners who offered subscription programs to their consumers had fewer losses in 20201 than those who did not. What is the best way for customers to learn about your subscription plan? Of course, with a sign. Use a poster on-site to explain the advantages of joining up right away.

5. Share your social media

Are your customers aware of how to find you on social media platforms? Your posters might serve as a reminder to keep up with you on social media. If a consumer proves that they’ve communicated their support for your business with their friends, you can even offer an incentive – such as a free vacuum cleaning.

Don’t do the following things:

1. Don’t stuff in too much information

Another common blunder is cramming too many words onto a single placard. No one will be able to read your text from a distance if the font is too small. Your clients aren’t going to want to sit and read the sign, even if it’s large enough. It’s preferable to partition the information and use many signs — or, better yet, modify and reduce the word count.

2. Don’t use too many graphics

A sign with too much text is unattractive, but neither are signs with too many images or graphics. Add shapes, images, graphs, and lists with discretion. When there’s too much going on, the reader may become uneasy as he or she attempts to take it all in. You don’t want your customers to feel that way.

3. Don’t try to be funny 

Not everyone is amused in the same way. When you make a joke that doesn’t go over well, you risk offending people, so be careful when trying to be amusing. Request constructive input from a variety of people inside your organization. Try an alternative term if it doesn’t sit well with one or two people.


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