Ensuring the safety of your employees and the security of your physical and digital assets should be at the top of your list of priorities as a business owner. Not only does following critical workplace safety and security measures help protect your business when something wrong actually happens, it’s also vital to a well-functioning organization.

After all, when your people feel safe and they know that their work and their interests are secure, the workplace becomes more conducive to employee happiness and productivity.

Here are some measures that you can put into practice if you want to make your workplace safer and more secure today.

Develop clear safety and security policies

Make sure that everyone in your company understands what they should do in the event of a crisis, be it caused by dangerous individuals, accidents, or natural disasters. Your company should implement a thorough and accessible training program that will equip your people with the skills and presence of mind necessary to address specific emergencies. You should also have a proper evacuation plan to ensure that everyone knows how to exit the business premises in case of an emergency.

Implement a surveillance camera system

A surveillance camera network is used to observe and monitor people and places, affording you a layer of security that can provide the necessary documentary evidence in case somebody commits a crime like vandalism, theft, arson, robbery, battery, or even murder within your business premises. Installing a surveillance camera also allows your security personnel to proactively spot people with malicious or criminal intent even before they can commit the actual crime.

High-quality surveillance cameras possess precision motion systems that use coreless brush DC motors or other motor solutions. They are also designed to withstand extreme conditions, be it excessively high or low temperatures, sun exposure, rain, snow, high winds, and even attempts to tamper or damage.

Install electronic access control systems

Selective restriction of access to a location or a resource within your business premises can be achieved with the help of smart electronic access control systems that control the way doors are opened and closed in your property. You may also go for overhead doors to ensure security and protection. You can find overhead door manufacturers and suppliers of Miami and get started easily.

Electro-mechanical locking systems, in particular, are very useful in commercial door applications, providing physical security for the main doors or to specific sections inside the business premises with help of high-efficiency stepper motors or other motor solutions.

For example, you can restrict access to your servers by providing access only to members of your IT department. You can also limit access to your company’s coffers by making sure only the members of the finance team can enter their department.

Institute a system to track the presence and movement of employees

Your company should also make sure to create a system that will allow you to know where your employees are at all times. Institute a standard check-in procedure during regular working days, as well as roll call procedures in times of emergency. This way, you can be certain that everyone is safe and accounted for when the unexpected happens.

Employees who are traveling for work should also be made to submit their itineraries and relevant contact details so that main office personnel can make sure they are safe.

Create a stress-free, non-toxic work environment

Poor mental health can be just as bad for employees as physical threats, and it can even be more dangerous because it is not always apparent. To prevent driving your employees over the edge, make sure to create a working environment that is supportive, non-fear-based, and promotes a balance between their jobs and life outside the office.

Keep your digital assets secure

On top of your employees and your physical properties, you should also safeguard your data and digital information from internal and external threats. Make sure that your company implements network safety best practices and techniques, including firewall implementation, network segmentation, and regular vulnerability checks. As with your physical assets, make certain that only authorized personal have access to your important digital information.

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By implementing these measures, you will be in a better position to protect your people and your business from different threats to safety and security.


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