An effective product description will sell a product with no need for imagery. Carefully chosen words are key to high-performing product descriptions that move the buyer through the sales funnel. When curated properly, your product descriptions can even enhance the SEO value to your website. Keep reading to learn about the top five keys to creating high-performing product descriptions.

Match Your Brand’s Voice

To create an effective product description, you must first define your brand. This starts by creating a mission. Your mission and your values should be integrated into every product description. 

A good way to get a clearer idea of your mission and your brand’s voice is to look over your website. What patterns do you notice in the text on your site? Do you frequently promote healthy practices? Do you support team efforts? The patterns you notice will shape your brand’s voice. 

Appeal to Your Buyer Persona

Next on the list to creating a high-performing product description is matching the text to your buyer persona. If you have to develop a buyer persona, it is highly advised that you put all of your marketing efforts on hold until you create one. 

Your buyer persona is the cornerstone to all your marketing efforts. It outlines who your most ideal customer is, and more importantly, what that customer’s pain points are. In the product description, you’ll appeal to those pain points on an emotional level, and you’ll explain how the product helps the customer overcome those pain points.

Outline the Benefits Clearly

A good product description will do more than explain the product and its specs. It will outline the benefits and features of the product, as well. More so, it will go on to explain how those features will be of use for the audience. 

Take for example if you are selling accounting software. Within the product description you will highlight the software’s features. From there, you will explain how those features can help the user save time, money, and resources. As you’re explaining specs, features, and benefits, make sure to use relevant keywords to boost the SEO value of your site.

Use Influential Words

It’s important to use words that move the audience through the sales funnel. This means you’ll want to use influential words. According to David Ogilvy, some of the most influential words that move the audience to make a purchase include:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Hurry
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Announcing
  • Sensational
  • Miracle
  • Revolutionary
  • Magic
  • Quick.

Proper Format

Once you have created your product description, it’s then time to make sure it’s formatted properly for easy scannability. Instead of large blocks of text, the audience would much rather prefer bullet points and paragraphs no longer than 50 to 75 words. 

It’s perfectly ok to make the product description long and detailed. But make sure it’s broken into small paragraphs with plenty of bullet points. In one section, you can have a bullet list that details the product’s specs. The next bullet list can outline the product’s features. The last bullet list can highlight the benefits of the product. 

It’s fine to experiment with different strategies as you create product descriptions. Once you find a formula that works for you in creating effective product descriptions, stick with it.


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