Scientific Discoveries

Science is a very fascinating field. There are new discoveries being made each passing year in the scientific world. Modern research has made it possible for us to be able to experience new technologies and advancements in the medical world too. Today, it is much easier to understand how nature works than it was before.

While there are still many unknowns in the world, the future of scientific research is bright. Let us look at some of the iconic discoveries in the science world that have been made in recent years.

1. Water on Mars

Starting with the astronomical realm, the scientific world recently announced that there is sufficient evidence on the availability of water on Mars. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made the revelations in 2015. By using modern tools of imaging, the scientific body was able to confirm the existence of hydrated salts on the red planet.

This discovery marked a major breakthrough in the scientific world. For the first time ever, there was confirmation of an important component that supports life on a planet outside earth.

2. Dark Matter

Still in the extraterrestrial area, scientists were able to confirm the existence of dark matter. For a long time, researchers had theorized and postulated the existence of dark matter. By studying the location of galaxies and their activities in space, scientists made many theories regarding the unusual mass found on space.

While the details about dark matter and what it is are still scanty, it can now be affirmed that the mass indeed exists and that the universe is mostly made up of the substance.

3. Radiometric Moisture Measurement

In the industrial world, keeping quality high is always a priority. Measurements are part of quality assurance and there is no better discovery in recent times than the radiometric moisture measurement. This method uses sensors to identify the concentration of dry matter in a number of liquids. The measurement is thus very accurate and it is used in various industries.

The pioneer of this technology has been Bert hold. There are many applications that have been established for the technology and continues to roll out new information about achievements in the industrial process instrumentation.

4. Stem Cell Organs

In the biological world, stem cell research has reached the highest point than it has ever been. Today, it is possible to have full stem cell organs developed in the lab. For a very long time, patients suffering from life-threatening conditions have been forced to take expensive and often-unreliable mediation.

With the stem cell technology though, the core tenets of biology have been mastered. Stem cells are used to grow human organs thus removing the need to do transplants.

5. Water as Fuel

Finally, there have been a number of discoveries in the world of energy but none is as important as the machine developed by a German company. The world is constantly looking for newer sources of energy as the non-renewable sources continue being depleted. Water is the most abundant resource on the planet and having it as a source of energy would essentially solve all of the worlds energy problems.


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