Thriving During Coronavirus

Currently, the whole world is going through difficult times due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has changed the lifestyle of many people. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy and businesses. Many people have died, and all people are in homes because of lockdowns.

Many shops, malls, supermarkets, companies are currently out of service, and many people have lost their jobs. The government and doctors are trying their best to overcome this situation. 

Although many people are suffering from this pandemic, some businesses are not affected by Coronavirus so far. These businesses helped the people and managed to stand strong in this tough time. Currently, these businesses are doing their best to grow. Here are the five businesses that are not affected by the Coronavirus.

#1. Food Industry

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the government has announced lockdowns in many regions. The lockdowns are to stop the spreading of Coronavirus by maintaining social distancing. However, people need food to survive. All people are stuck at home, so it is a big challenge for the food industry to meet the food demand of this huge crowd.

After considering this situation, several restaurants, food delivery platforms are accepting orders and delivering food to the houses. Though all the restaurants are not operational, the business is not so affected compared to other businesses. As there is a high demand for food, some restaurants are also hiring new staff to boost the delivery process.

Apart from cooked food, there is also a requirement of grocery items in the homes. So, grocery shops are open, and they are delivering essential items to the houses. The e-commerce sites are also participating in delivering all the indispensable items to people. In this way, grocery shops and e-commerce sites are also developing their business. 

When talking about the food industry, the agriculture industry is not different from it. Mostly agriculture took place in villages, so farmers are free to plant and harvest the crops to meet the current food demand. However, the people working in this industry are aware of the pandemic and taking safety precautions while developing the business. 

#2. Online Working Platforms

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many people started working from home. Because of this initiative, the platforms that provide remote working technologies boosted their businesses. This hard situation gave them a chance to increase their sales. The demand for such platforms is increasing, as many people prefer to stay safe by working from home. 

Apart from working, many online subscription services are growing their businesses due to the pandemic. Those online services include workouts, nutrition tips, movies and music, and many more. As people are stuck at home, they prefer going online for their entertainment and workouts. 

3. Media Industry

News companies and social media companies are another business that is not affected by the Coronavirus. During the lockdowns and quarantines, people want to stay updated about the steps taken by the government and the news about Coronavirus.

So, news companies are working their best to provide the latest news to people. News companies have improved their team and gathering the latest information to keep their audience updated about the current situation. 

People are stuck at home, and they have a lot of free time to spend. So, they spend time on social media to stay entertained. They get connected with their friends and colleagues through social media platforms, as there is no other option to meet them. Also, many people use social media platforms for entertainment purposes. 

4. Online Learning Platforms 

Like online working platforms, online learning platforms are businesses that are not affected by the Coronavirus. For the safety of students, all the schools, colleges, and universities have closed now. However, students must continue their studies and prepare for their exams. So, online learning platforms are the only way for students to continue their studies.

Even the government is also encouraging the students to go for online learning platforms, as this year going to the classrooms may not be practical. The online platforms that provide study content for the students are developing their business to educate the students at their homes. 

5. Medical Industry

The medical industry is working actively to develop a vaccine to stop the progress of Coronavirus. Though till now a vaccine is not developed, doctors are working their best, to give the anti-viral drugs to the corona patients. Because of the efforts of the medical industry, many corona patients have cured, and many patients are under treatment in various hospitals.

The government has built many hospitals and provided the latest equipment to the medical industry to fight against Coronavirus. 

Every day doctors are conducting new experiments to beat the Coronavirus. The medical industry is learning new things about nature and the human body. Though the whole world is in fear of Coronavirus, the pharmaceutical industry is growing to make the situation normal. The medical sector is not affected by the Coronavirus, as doctors have come forward to fight against Coronavirus. 

  • These are the five businesses that are not affected by the coronavirus crisis. These businesses have turned their difficulties into opportunities and working their best to fight against Coronavirus and grow their business as well.
  • During this coronavirus outbreak, the mask has become an essential need for the people. So, many people stitch the masks in their homes and sell those in the market. In this way, they are developing their small scale home business and helping people.

In Nutshell

These five businesses have come forward to meet the demands of people and provide them the best service. The food delivering restaurants are trying to provide the best quality food to the people during the lockdowns.

As learning and working both are important, online platforms are improving their platforms with the latest technologies to offer the best experience to people. Fitness centers and gyms also provide the workout methods online so that people will be fit in lockdowns and quarantines.

To fight against Coronavirus. Those people have made the situation in their favor and developed their business.


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