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If you run a small to medium enterprise or a startup, you may think that it is impossible to compete with the flashy booths which major brands bring to trade shows. You probably think it is impossible to draw in the numbers of visitors that these booths attract without spending big brand dollars.

However, by applying a strong strategy to your trade show booth, you can develop a design which will attract prospects, helping you to generate leads and grow your customer base, and ultimately grow your business.

Here are the top four tips for trade show booth design guaranteed to draw in customers.

Be Bold and Stand Out

A trade show hall is a noisy place, not just in terms of sound but visually too. You need to stand out from the noise with a creative, bold design which is different to the rest. This doesn’t have to be anything particularly complicated or expensive – all you need is a unique idea, or at least a unique approach.

If your industry is full of branding in blues and greys, be bold by having a booth dominated by a bright colour such as red or orange. Alternatively, attract prospects with a unique, interactive element. This could be anything from a fun (especially edible) giveaway to some kind of game which prospects can play. The importance here is to not go too cheesy, and make sure it is relevant to your brand.

Be Unique & Playful

One of the best ways to stand out is through a booth which is not only unique, but also playful. Trade shows are packed with booth after booth which essentially look the same, so doing something fun and playful will be a welcome relief to customers. Companies like Fret Free Productions booth design can help you with bespoke booth designs which set you apart from the rest.

Again, you need to make sure it is appropriate to your brand and fits within your messaging strategy. However, in most cases an approach like this is a great way to not only attract prospects but help you build relationships with your customers through showing them some of your brand’s personality. In turn, building strong relationships with your customers means more loyalty, which is great news for your business.

Represent Your Brand

Being consistent in your branding is important in any context, and trade show marketing is no exception. Make sure your booth is 100% on-brand. From colour to signage and even the general vibe, your booth should reflect your brand strategy in every aspect. Logos and colours should tie into smaller elements such as chairs and even stationery. Recent example of trade show boost by using San Diego LED screens could be used while designing.

This consistent, cohesive approach will make your booth more appealing and attract potential customers. Furthermore, once you attend multiple trade shows over time, this will help to build brand awareness and develop your customer base. Including your business name in your branding elements is an important part of this: people remember visual information, so make sure that your name is displayed as much as possible and with maximum visual impact. This means that even prospects who do not visit your booth may remember your name later.

Maximise Your Space

Depending on your budget, you may have a larger booth or something quite small. Either way, you are paying top dollar for the space, so you should make the most of it! Consider all spaces which are available for banners, signage and other visual materials, this could be walls, the side of the booth or even the ceiling.

Making the most of your space doesn’t have to mean filling it with as much clutter as you can, however. Maximising the space may mean using less materials for a greater impact – the key is using the best design which will attract prospects while representing your brand.

When attending a trade show, effective booth design can make all the difference when it comes to attracting prospects, gaining new leads, new customers and more revenue for your business. Optimise your trade show booth design through elements which attract attention and are unique, while ensuring to stay consistent with your brand.


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